Lim Seo-won, singing skills strengthened through trot
Lim Seo-won, singing skills strengthened through trot
Lim Seo-won of the group UNIS showed off the charm of his eight-tone vocals.

Lim Seo-won appeared on the 111th episode of YouTube channel KBS Kpop's web entertainment show 'Limousine Service', which was released on the afternoon of the 23rd.

On this day, Lim Seo-won captured the hearts of viewers through various live performances and talks. First, Lim Seo-won opened the door to 'limousine service' wide with her debut song 'SUPERWOMAN'. He left people in awe by perfectly performing the song sung by all eight members on his own.

Lim Seo-won then selected Shaun's 'Way Back Home' and (G)I-DLE's 'Because I Hate Being Painful.'

From the beginning, the unspoiled and pure tone captivated my ears, and the excellent backing skills added to the pleasure of listening. In addition, the new appearance of rapping 'Because I hate being sick' without difficulty was also impressive.

MC Lee Moo-jin, who appreciated Lim Seo-won's song, said, "The sound of what is being said comes out as a song, making you focus on the lyrics," and "The live performance with pure tone, pronunciation, and details makes me have high expectations for the possibility of future development." He highly praised it.

In addition, Lim Seo-won proved his wide spectrum by immediately performing various genres of music, including Ulala Session's 'Beautiful Night' and Geumjandi's 'Brother', at Lee Moo-jin's surprise request during the talk.

Lastly, Seowon Lim performed a duet live with AKMU's 'Give Love' with Lee Moojin, ending 'Limousine Service' on a grand note.

Seowon Lim has been honing his musical skills since childhood, including busking, trot, and K-pop. In this ‘Limousine Service’, the skills that have been built up over time shone. Hearing the song in Lim Seo-won's voice caught my ear naturally and without any sense of discomfort. It was a time to check out his vocals, which have the ability to digest regardless of genre.

Lim Seo-won is showing remarkable performance as a K-pop idol. Eunice, which Seowon Lim belongs to, officially debuted on the 27th of last month with its first mini album 'WE UNIS'. They sold more than 55,000 copies within 5 days of their debut, ranking 8th among the first girl group debut albums of all time. The music video for the title song ‘SUPERWOMAN’ has well over 10 million views. Eunice's TikTok channel is also showing notable growth on social media, exceeding 1.09 million followers.

After successfully completing domestic music broadcast activities with her debut album, Eunice has begun her global activities. They successfully completed their first overseas performance with 'UTO FEST 2024 in Fukuoka' held on the 21st. In the future, Eunice plans to visit Japan and the Philippines to communicate more closely with local fans.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google