Baekah releases new bestseller ‘Letter’ in May
Baekah releases new bestseller ‘Letter’ in May
Baek A returns with an emotional confession song.

On the 16th, Baekah announced her comeback through her official SNS and released the cover image of her new mini album 'Letter'.

The released cover image attracts attention as it contains a refreshing background reminiscent of a blue sky, a paper airplane, and fluttering flower petals. It gives off a fresh and clear mood, raising curiosity about the new song.

Baekah's new album 'Letter', which will be released at 6 PM on May 2nd, is expected to be the new best-seller of Baekah, who has been consistently loved as 'MZ Unrequited Love steady seller' such as 'First Love' and 'Incomplete'.

Additionally, this album has the same name as the first mini-album 'Friend' released in 2019, and is filled with songs that confess the precious feelings accumulated over a long period of time. In particular, an even warmer response is expected as it is a new album about 8 months after the single 'Incomplete' released in September of last year, and the first mini-album released since 'Spaceship' in 2021.

Baekah debuted with the digital single 'Border', which was included in Season 2 of 'Heart Signal' in 2018 and touched the emotions of many viewers. The songs released so far have made a comeback on the music charts, showing off Baek Ah's unique sensibility with literary lyrics and lovely melodies, and have emerged as a new alternative in the indie scene, such as performing live on On Stage.

Baek Ah's new mini album 'Letter', which contains new emotions, will be released at 6 PM on May 2nd.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google