RIIZE “This is already our third comeback, making the impossible possible”
RIIZE “This is already our third comeback, making the impossible possible”
RIIZE released a Q&A a day ahead of the release of their new song 'Impossible'.

RIIZE 's prologue single 'Impossible' will be released on April 18th at 6pm on various music sites and the music video will be released on YouTube's SMTOWN channel.

'Impossible' features a rhythmic house beat and a mysterious synthesizer, and the lyrics contain the message that even if you think it's impossible, the moment you move together toward the same dream, impossible no longer exists.

In 'Impossible', RIIZE expressed their desire for a dream and their trust in each other. While RIIZE 's style of 'house music' and 'house dance' was heralded and garnered a lot of attention, the members themselves told stories about the new song. .
RIIZE “This is already our third comeback, making the impossible possible”
RIIZE “This is already our third comeback, making the impossible possible”
Below is a Q&A regarding RIIZE 's prologue single 'Impossible'.

Q. What did you think when you first heard ‘Impossible’? What would you say are some points of appreciation?

- Anton: First of all, the house beat caught my ear. Above all, it was easy to listen to. If 'Love 119' was a song suitable for winter, 'Impossible' seems to be a refreshing fit for the warm weather these days. Isn’t the highlight of the show the house dance performance? The dance break at the end is great, and the house drum beat that continues is also good, so please listen a lot!

Q. When is ‘Impossible’ a good song to listen to? What timing would you recommend for BRIIZE (official fan club name)?

- Sohee: Actually, I don't say 'Impossible' because it's our song. It's a song that's good to listen to at any time, but if I were to choose a time to listen to Breeze, I think it's perfect when I'm exercising. The fast beat that makes you feel out of breath goes well with the treadmill, so be sure to listen to ‘Impossible’ while running. (Laughs)

Q. You also took 'house dance' lessons for this performance. How was it while learning the dance?

- Wonbin: I was looking forward to learning new things and being able to show growth as the name Rise deserves. Also, among the members, I thought that Shotaro, who has been dancing for a long time, would go well with house dance because he has a solid foundation, and since it is a dance with fast steps, I thought that Eunseok also seemed to do well with light movements.

Q. You said that 'Impossible' was more difficult to perform than 'Siren'. Why did you feel that way? What if you pick a killing point?

- Shotaro: I briefly learned house dancing when I was young, but it was my first time trying out the dance with all the members, so I think I had a bit of a hard time learning moves that used a lot of my legs and maintaining my balance. Still, it was fun to get a feel for it while taking lessons. I think the performance-killing point is that you can see a fresh and new side of Rise.

Q. What is the best thing to focus on in the ‘Impossible’ music video? Are there any memorable episodes while filming?

- Eunseok: It was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, and I think it would be good to focus on RISE's house dance combined with the wonderful atmosphere of Lisbon. There are many memorable episodes, but the one I remember most is the moment when I boarded a yacht with the members to film something other than a music video. The weather was nice and the view from the yacht was beautiful. What kind of video it is is still a secret, but there are a lot of things to come in the future, so look forward to it!

Q. RIIZE 's unique genre 'Emotional Pop' expresses the various emotions experienced by members through music. What emotions did you feel while preparing for 'Impossible' activities?

- Sungchan: 'Impossible' is a song that goes well with the sentence, "Nothing is impossible." RIIZE's activities will continue even after the first fan-con in May and the first mini-album in June, so I think this song makes us mentally prepare ourselves so that we can run while only looking at each other from now on. In particular, I think the message that the impossible can be made possible if everyone pursues the same dream represents Rise's feelings.

Q. What are your thoughts on the new song release and any last words you would like to say to Breeze?

- Shotaro: This is a song that will meet RIIZE’s new challenge, so I hope you look forward to it! I'm nervous because it's been a long time since I made a comeback, but I'm happy because I can see Breeze, who I've been missing so much! I will work hard and have fun so that I don’t get too excited on stage. (Laughs)

- Eunseok: We are back with a new challenge of house music through 'Impossible'. We will show you how Rise grows through challenges, so please give us a lot of support!

- Sungchan: We are able to meet again with the new song ‘Impossible’. I hope many people enjoy it. Breeze! Please give us a lot of support for this activity as well!

- Wonbin: I’m looking forward to seeing what people think of Rise’s style of house music. As much as we worked hard to prepare, I want to make Breeze proud by making sure that all the results, including music, stage, and video, come out well. Please look forward to it.

- Sohee: Breeze~ RIIZE has already made their third comeback with ‘Impossible’ (after ‘Talk Saxy’ and ‘Love 119’)! We have prepared a great performance this time too, so please enjoy it! Gimme that beat!

- Anton: I am so happy and excited to be able to return to Breeze with a new look. I hope Breeze can feel RIIZE’s various colors and charms while listening to ‘Impossible’. Please look forward to it a lot. I love you Breeze!

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google