YB, cruising nationwide concert tour
YB, cruising nationwide concert tour
YB's national tour began with a performance in Daegu last March and successfully completed 10 performances in 5 cities, receiving favorable reviews from the audience for its rich set list and splendid stage equipment, including lighting, which are upgraded each time.

'2024 YB TOUR LIGHT; 'INFINITY' is a performance where you can personally feel the limitless musical spectrum that only YB can do, based on YB's unique performance brand 'LIGHTS', which started with the ambition to compete head-on with only music and lighting, with 'INFINITY' meaning infinity. am.

In particular, the infinity of 'INFINITY' can be felt from the moment you enter the concert hall. It amplifies the excitement before the performance through spatial steering and is capturing the hearts of MZs with the gorgeous Infinity Mirror photo zone where you can't help but take proof shots.

YB Concert, famous for its performances that transcend generations and genders from teenagers to the elderly, has captured the public's ears with hit songs that automatically cause people to sing along, as well as cover songs by seniors and fourth-generation girl groups, in this national tour as well. The 29-year-old rock band is showing off its potential with a diverse set list that strongly demonstrates its unique musical color.

In addition, the 'YB's DM Letter' corner, an event reminiscent of 'Yoon Do-hyun's Love Letter', was prepared, opening a venue for harmony between the DM generation and the letter generation. In this corner, people sing on the spot and listen to fans' guitar performances. In particular, it is a special time for elementary school fans to feel their love for YB, and various stories are revealed through reels, captivating not only music but also communication with the audience. It's a great performance and it's getting a good response.

And the special collaboration stage with a surprise guest that was not announced in advance is also said to be a masterpiece. Apink's Bomi Yoon will appear in Suwon, Jung Hong-il will appear in Changwon, and Melomance's Kim Min-seok and guitarist Ahn Jung-jae will appear in Busan, so it's fun to look forward to what kind of surprise guests will be waiting for the Seoul concert.

The YB performance, known as the pride of Korean rock bands, proves to be a well-made performance that says, 'There are people who never see it, but there is no one who sees it only once!' and is called a performance of a lifetime that should never be missed. '2024 YB TOUR LIGHT, which is causing a craze for Nth viewing; ‘INFINITY’ will be held in Jeonju (April 20-21), Incheon (April 27-28), Wonju (May 4-5), Yongin (May 11-12), and Gwangju (May 18). , the excitement continues from Goyang (June 1-2) to Seoul (June 8-9).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google