AKMU, 10th anniversary project of debut begins in earnest
AKMU, 10th anniversary project of debut begins in earnest
AKMU is commemorating its 10th debut anniversary this year with a large-scale project in full swing.

On the 21st, YG Entertainment posted a poster announcing this, 'AKMU - 10th ANNIVERSARY PROJECT START', on its official SNS.

The starting point is the announcement of the first official fandom name 'AKKADEMY' after debut. It is a combination of AKMU and ACADEMY and refers to an organization that is at the center of art. AKMU, which has always broken the mold and built a unique music world, feels its ambition to fully complete that world by seeing, hearing, and experiencing it more closely with fans.

You can get a glimpse of these worlds in the images released together. The emblem, reminiscent of a magic school in a vintage mood, stimulated the viewer's imagination with its unique wit. The phrase 'more is coming' engraved here foreshadows other projects, raising fans' expectations.

YG said, “We have prepared a variety of projects to repay the hearts of the fans who have loved AKMU and accompanied them on their musical journey for the past 10 years. We plan to further expand AKMU’s worldview with artists, so please look forward to it.” “He said.

AKMU, which debuted in 2014, has captured popularity with its extraordinary musical ability and unrivaled sensibility, producing numerous hit songs and establishing itself as a 'trustworthy artist'. Having recently completed a large-scale national tour 'AKMU 2023-2024 CONCERT TOUR [AKMUTOPIA]' with a total of 17 shows in 10 cities, they will participate in 'Summer Sonic 2024', Japan's largest music festival, and begin to expand their global base.

Meanwhile, membership in AKMU's global official fan club 'AKKADEMY' is possible from 2 PM today (21st) until April 4th through the purchase of membership products in AKMU Weverse's Weverse Shop. Subscribers are given a variety of benefits, including a digital membership card, the opportunity to apply for advance reservations and lottery for AKMU performances, the opportunity to apply for public broadcasts, the opportunity to participate in special events online and offline, and the right to view membership-only posts.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google