NCT Dream's desire to rise to the top with a new album
NCT Dream's desire to rise to the top with a new album
Group 'NCT DREAM' explained their new album.

NCT Dream held a press conference commemorating the release of 'DREAM( )SCAPE' at Walkerhill Hotel Walker Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 2pm on the 25th.

On this day, Renjun said, "I showed a side of me with dreams, hopes, and passion, but when I thought about it, I also wanted to be a source of strength to those who don't have dreams or hopes. This was the beginning of the concept for this album."

Haechan explained, "I paid a lot of attention to the overall story. I also thought a lot about trap placement and sound. Anyway, I approached the album with the desire to go to the next level, so I think the album was of good quality."

He continued, "I paid a lot of attention to the placement of the tracks. Usually, I put the title song first, but I placed it as the song I wanted to hear."

This album depicts NCT Dream's first journey to escape from reality, which has become numb due to dark and difficult situations, and to find an ideal dream. Through this, we sympathize with the concerns and pain of contemporary youth and deliver a message of warm comfort and support.

The title song 'Smoothie' is a hip-hop dance song with impressive groovyness created by the 808 bass line, snare rhythm, and repeated chanting. The message is that I will drink the world's cold gaze towards me and all the negative feelings about myself, like a smoothie. The members' expressive ability, which feels more relaxed, doubles the charm of the song.

In addition, it contains songs that honestly express the emotions felt in moments of challenge and change. 'icantfeelanything', which contains the fear felt in the process of escaping from reality, 'BOX', which promises to break the mold of the world and leap forward, and 'BOX', a witty song about the emotions of various temptations encountered in an unfamiliar world. ‘Carat Cake’, ‘UNKNOWN’, a promise to jump into an unknown world for myself even in the midst of wandering, ‘Breathing’, a sincere message to someone who gives them courage in moments when it is too difficult to breathe, etc. There are a total of 6 songs.

NCT Dream's 'DREAM( )SCAPE' will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on this day.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google