NewJeans' 'ETA' MV wins Bronze Award at Spikes Asia
NewJeans' 'ETA' MV wins Bronze Award at Spikes Asia
NewJeans' 'ETA' music video won a bronze medal at 'Spikes Asia', the most prestigious advertising festival in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the agency ADOR on the 18th, the music video for 'ETA' by NewJeans (Minzy, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) recently received a bronze medal in the music category at 'Spikes Asia 2024'. Additionally, a campaign in collaboration with Coca-Cola in the same category was selected as a finalist, proving NewJeans' global influence.

'Spikes Asia', which started in 1986, is a representative advertising festival in the Asia-Pacific region organized by the organizing committee of the global advertising festival 'Cannes Lions' and is recognized for its authority in the marketing and brand industry. This year, among the numerous entries across 25 categories, works with outstanding creativity were selected as winners.

The music video for 'ETA', one of the triple title songs of New Genes' second EP 'Get Up' released in July of last year, was filmed with 'iPhone' by director Shin Woo-seok of the film and advertising studio Dolphin Kidnapper for the global brand Apple. Filmed and produced as part of the campaign. Min Hee-jin, general producer of Adore, explained the background of the work at the time, saying, “I wanted to break away from the existing music video production framework and make music videos more comfortably with lightweight equipment.”

NewJeans' music videos and collaborative works, which stand out for their innovative attempts and planning skills, are attracting attention one after another at leading international advertising festivals.

Previously, the music video for 'Ditto' was nominated for the grand prize in the 'Film & Video' category at the '2024 Clio Music Awards' held in January in the United States. In addition, the '#ImSuperShy' campaign with YouTube Shorts won silver in the design category of the fan engagement category, and the video for Coke Studio's global anthem 'Be Who You Are (Real Magic)' won the first prize for using music in film and video. It has been recognized for its creativity in various categories, including receiving a silver award in the 5 minutes or more category and a bronze award in the visual effects category of the film & video technology category.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google