TREASURE, ‘Shining SOLO’ reveals unexpected charm
TREASURE, ‘Shining SOLO’ reveals unexpected charm
Treasure finally overcame its shyness and showed off its unexpected charm, digging into the hearts of viewers.

In episode 3 of the SBS entertainment program 'Shining SOLO', which aired at 12:30 am on the 17th, two new female participants joined, and the five members of Part 1 (Jihoon, Junkyu, Jaehyeok Yoon, Asahi, and Haruto) completed their first mission. The process of participating in the ‘delivery food taste battle’ was depicted.

Junkyu and Haruto, who previously went on a unique date, surprised viewers with their new appearance. Junkyu, who has a bright image, showed maturity by taking care of the participants, while Haruto, who was quiet, led the mood with witty conversation.

Jihoon, Jaehyuk Yoon, and Asahi, who stayed at Treasure Castle and enjoyed their lunch, were startled by the sudden sound of the doorbell. Two new female participants appeared. The members were taken aback by the unexpected development, but soon led conversations on various topics.

Afterwards, the Treasure Castle where everyone gathered was given the 'Delivery Food Taste Battle' mission, where participants had to order their favorite food and eat together. Except for Haruto, the members were chosen by the participants and spent their own time.

Although the awkwardness has not been completely erased yet, the atmosphere has become more mature than before. Asahi, who honestly told his shy story, Jihoon, who shared the happiness of being on stage, and Jaehyuk Yoon, who activated the playfulness of others with his unique cheerfulness, brought a happy smile to the faces of these people.

Meanwhile, 'Shining SOLO' is a romantic survival show that will determine Treasure's best 'jewel man'. It contains the process of the members spending four days at Treasure Castle, appealing to their individual charms, and being selected as female cast members. While being aired simultaneously on overseas platforms, it is receiving a positive response, ranking first in popularity on Japan's OTT Lemino and also in the top ranks in Thailand and Taiwan.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google