“Let’s end our relationship as friends” BTS V, ‘FRI(END)S’ released worldwide… MV with a twist
“Let’s end our relationship as friends” BTS V, ‘FRI(END)S’ released worldwide… MV with a twist
The confession delivered by BTS V touched the hearts of fans around the world.

Big Hit Music released the sound source and music video of V's new digital single 'FRI(END)S' (Friends) on various music sites and the Hive Labels YouTube channel at 1pm on the 15th (Korean time). 'FRI(END)S' of the Pop Soul R&B genre is a sweet 'confession song' that matches the pink spring. The sweet melody, witty lyrics, and V's devilish voice create a perfect harmony.

'FRI(END)S' is a song that confesses that although they have been friends for a long time, they have now ended their friendship and want to move on to a relationship beyond that. The notation of the song title, which implicitly expresses the message of the song, is impressive. In 'FRIENDS', 'END' is put in parentheses to emphasize the 'end' between friends. Witty can also be felt in lyrics such as "Now I'm over pretending, So let's put the "end" in friends."

The melody that begins calmly and warmly gives the listener a sense of stability. The heavily repeated beat makes the song more dramatic, and V's attractive voice, which goes between low notes and falsetto, enriches the song. In the second half of the song, V's vocals and choir sound, which gradually increase according to the flow of emotions, bring the song to its peak.

The music video for 'FRI(END)S' stands out for its charm of empathy and twists. The focus is on V's contrasting faces when he is alone and with his lover, and the composition, which breaks away from the typical format, provides unique fun.

The music video shows V's day going through the same routine twice. Once, V spends a boring time alone among countless couples, and once again, he has an ecstatic time with his loved one. While V in the first half of the video looks cynical and lonely, in the second half, V never leaves a happy smile. V changed not only his facial expressions and eyes, but also his clothes, hairstyle, and props, making repeated situations feel like a completely different story.

The overall video has a dry yet romantic feel, giving the feeling of watching a short film. In particular, the directing that divides the daily lives of a 'lonely man' and a 'man in love' into 'death' contributes to increasing the immersion of the music video. It's refreshing that 'END' in the song's title is connected to the subject of 'death', which is difficult to think of in a confession song, in addition to the 'end' of a friendship.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google