BTS V, enchanting visuals and sweet melodies
BTS V, enchanting visuals and sweet melodies
BTS V released a new teaser video for his new song.

The second teaser for V's new digital single 'FRI(END)S', posted on BTS's official SNS at 0:00 on the 12th (Korean time), consisted of scenes from the song's music video. This teaser, which seems to have a different feel than the first teaser, is contradicted by the sweet melody of the new song. It attracts attention with its unexpected scene.

Like the first teaser, the second teaser also begins with V eating alone and spending lonely time. However, the scene where V collapses on the road bleeding at the end of the video amplifies fans' curiosity about the music video story.

On this day, along with the second teaser, a highlight video 'Flash Video' that comprehensively captures the emotions of 'FRI(END)S' was also released. In addition to the wordplay scene in the short film that focuses on the message of the new song, concept photos that capture V's conflicting charms, and some scenes from the music video have been newly edited.

With the second teaser, all the content prepared by V ahead of the release of the new song was revealed. In particular, V showed off his unrivaled visuals regardless of angle through the first and second concept photos with conflicting atmospheres of loneliness and sweetness. The sound source and music video will be released at 1 PM on the 15th.

Meanwhile, V will hold a fan event 'FRI(END)S PARTY' at a cafe in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 16th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google