xikers, comeback today (8th)... 'D-DAY' poster released
xikers, comeback today (8th)... 'D-DAY' poster released
xikers is making a comeback with a new album filled with unprecedented charm.

Cykers released the 'D-DAY' poster for their 3rd mini album 'HOUSE OF TRICKY: Trial And Error', which will be released at 2 PM on the official SNS at midnight on the 8th. did.

In the released poster, Cykers created a casual mood by matching hooded vests and varsity jackets, and perfectly pulled off unique yet hip fashion. In addition, the members' confident eyes were conveyed beyond the screen, raising expectations for the new album to be released today (the 8th) to the highest level.

Previously, Cykers' 2nd mini album 'HOUSE OF TRICKY: HOW TO PLAY', released in August last year, sold over 200,000 copies in the first week, recording a 200% increase compared to the previous work. Proven rapid growth. In addition, through their 2nd mini album, they ranked 2nd on Japan's Oricon Daily Album Chart and 1st on the U.S. Billboard's 'Emerging Artist' list, proving their extraordinary global popularity.

In addition, CYCUS will participate in ‘2023 KPOP LUX by SBS Super Concert in Madrid’, ‘KCON LA 2023’, and ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’. He has proven his infinite potential by appearing on various stages, and is also scheduled to appear at 'KCON HONG KONG 2024', which will be held for two days on the 30th and 31st of this month, adding strength to the modifier 'Global Super Rookie'.

Cycus, who had previously raised curiosity about the new album by releasing various teasing content ahead of their comeback, showed their upgraded visual and musical capabilities as well as limitless concept digestion through their 3rd mini album, imprinting their presence on global music fans. I plan to do it.

Meanwhile, Cykers' 3rd mini album 'House of Tricky: Trial and Error' will be released at 2pm today (8th).

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google