Hong Jin-young abandons the sexy concept... Innocently and cutely
Hong Jin-young abandons the sexy concept... Innocently and cutely
Hong Jin-young showed off the charm of a spring woman.

Hong Jin-young, who will release her new ballad song 'Spring' on February 25th, raised expectations for her comeback by releasing behind-the-scenes photos of the live clip.

In a video with a texture reminiscent of a spring haze, Hong Jin-young sings a new song in a simple, everyday appearance. In contrast to the flashy choreography and performances that Hong Jin-young usually shows on stage, a different charm of calmness is conveyed.

'Love comes again like spring / Like tears drying... … As you can feel in the lyrics, 'Because it was you, I'm a fool / It's late, but I know now / You were my spring', it was a farewell filled with regret and pain, but it contains the meaning of waiting for love like the coming spring.

The new song 'Spring' is the second ballad released in 10 years after 'Living', which was completed with composer Cho Young-soo, who has had a long musical relationship with Hong Jin-young. The medium tempo and the addition of erhu and deiz throughout the song create the oriental sensibility of 'To Live' and revive the emotion.

Hong Jin-young said, “Just the fact that I was working on a new song with composer Cho Young-soo, who has been a strong musical support since my debut, was a warm and enjoyable time, just like the title ‘Spring’.” He added, “I hope that the warmth will be felt in the hearts of those who listen to this song on the coming spring day. “I see it,” he said about the release of the new song.

Hong Jin-young's new digital single 'Spring' will be released on domestic music sites at 6pm on the 25th (Sunday).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google