TWS, first self-directed entertainment show, showcases ‘Smiling Spooner’ qualities
TWS, first self-directed entertainment show, showcases ‘Smiling Spooner’ qualities
Pledis Entertainment's 'special rookie' TWS (Tours) has captured the hearts of global fans with the so-called 'smiling spoon' qualities of being funny without having to try very hard.

TWS (Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, Kyungmin) held a special self-content entertainment show, 'If you fall down, your nose will touch' on the team's official YouTube and global fandom life platform Weverse channels at 9 PM on the 8th and 12th. Each section was published.

Ahead of filming this content that strengthens teamwork by reducing the physical and psychological distance between each other through various games, TWS expressed their excitement, saying, “It will be fun to play with the members no matter what the outcome is.” Then, everyone shouted “Going!” to strengthen their motivation.

Their first challenge was the board game ‘A Very Slightly Unusual Halligali.’ As soon as he heard the name of the game, Jihoon made people laugh by saying, “I was born for Harley Galli,” and the other members also showed their competitive spirit. Since all of the members are introverted types, there was no worry that they would be static. Kyungmin's shoes came off as he was sprinting towards the Halagali card, and the members who were overly immersed in the game were shouting "Oh my gosh", "That's a shame", and "Hurry, faster". The final result was TWS's 'competitive leader'. Dohoon took first place by acquiring 53 cards.

While Dohoon was giving his thoughts on winning first place, the studio went dark, and a second game was presented to the members, who were embarrassed as they were trapped in an enclosed space with eye patches on. It is a name tag removal game called ‘Your Side, My Side’. It was a 3-on-3 team match, with team members moving together in a rubber tube to collect name tags from the opposing team's wall, and the team with the most name tags won.

TWS decided on team members through rock, paper, scissors. They were divided into the 'Oh Mymy' team of Shinyu, Dohoon, and Jihoon, and the 'First Meeting' team of Youngjae, Hanjin, and Kyungmin. As soon as the team was decided, the members had a fierce battle of nerves and attached their name tags to the highest point of the wall. And when the game started, a fierce battle full of body gags unfolded, causing laughter. The victory of this game went to the ‘First Meeting’ team.

Once again, the next game was played with blackout. After taking off their blindfolds, the members faced each other in the narrow space between the walls, as the name of the program suggests. The final game is ‘Get the Ball with One Heart’. It was a game where the members' bodies had to catch a total of 10 balls flying from all directions inside a basket connected to each other. The members held each other's hands tightly and moved their bodies to catch 10 flying balls in an instant.

The production team gave TWS an urgent proposal. He promised to give him a vacation if he got 10 blue balls. The members showed their wit by using their clothes to pull out balls of different colors, and the members succeeded in their mission and enjoyed the joy of taking a break from practice. In particular, while talking about his feelings about filming, Hanjin shed tears and said, “I feel so good,” adding to the warmth. Global fans who watched this video commented, “They are drip experts. Reactions such as “Calm ‘smiling spoons’”, “Jakon, a gracious Pledis representative”, and “My gums got dry from smiling”.

Meanwhile, TWS's debut title song 'First meeting does not go as planned' is rising in the rankings on major music sites at home and abroad, and is expected to solidify its position as 'Best Rookie of 2024' early on. This song ranked 2nd on Bugs, 3rd on Flo, 9th on Melon, 14th on Spotify Korea, and 16th on Genie on the daily chart on the 11th.

The performance in YouTube Music Korea, which is based on both music and video performance, is also worth noting. ‘First meeting doesn’t go as planned’ ranked 10th on YouTube Music’s ‘Weekly Popular Songs Chart’ (February 2-8). It also ranked 11th on the ‘Weekly Popular Music Video Chart’ compiled during the same period. It ranks 9th (as of February 11) in the ‘Daily SHORTS Popular Songs’ list, which selects the songs most used by creators on YouTube Shorts. This is currently the highest ranking among K-pop boy group songs on ‘Daily SHORTS Popular Songs’.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google