Le Seraphim Heo Yun-jin collaborates with American singer-songwriter Max
Le Seraphim Heo Yun-jin collaborates with American singer-songwriter Max
LE SSERAFIM Heo Yun-jin and American singer-songwriter Max met.

On the 9th, Max's new song 'STUPID IN LOVE (feat. HUH YUNJIN of LE SSERAFIM)', in which Le Seraphim's Heo Yun-jin participated in featuring and writing lyrics, was released. The lyric video was posted on Max's official YouTube channel at 2pm on this day.

'STUPID IN LOVE' combines Heo Yun-jin's soft and powerful tone with Max's emotional voice. The song is said to be based on the story of Max and his wife. The collaboration between the two took place at the '2023 'Weverse Con Festival' (hereinafter referred to as 'Weverse Con Festival') held in June last year.

At the 'Weversecon Festival', Heo Yun-jin performed self-composed songs such as 'I ≠ DOLL' (Idol) and 'Bloom (Love You Twice)' as a live band. Max said, "I visited Korea for a performance and was deeply moved by Heo Yun-jin's performance. I sent the demo of 'STUPID IN LOVE' to Heo Yun-jin and she completed the song with really beautiful lyrics. I will make this song with Heo Yun-jin. “I am grateful and happy,” he said.

Heo Yun-jin, who has released a number of self-composed songs, continues to collaborate with domestic and foreign artists and performs as a musician. Prior to Max's new song, Heo Yun-jin also participated in featuring and writing lyrics for the digital single 'Yes or No (Feat. Heo Yun-jin of LE SSERAFIM, Crush)' released by GroovyRoom on the 17th of last month.

Meanwhile, Le Seraphim will release its third mini album 'EASY' at 6 PM on the 19th. The title song of the same name, 'EASY', contains our determination to make everything look easy, even though nothing is easy. Heo Yun-jin's name was listed on the credits of three songs included in this new album, 'Swan Song', 'Smart', and 'We got so much'.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google