SM works hard, something big is coming in the second quarter... Rise, Espa, Red Velvet sortie
SM works hard, something big is coming in the second quarter... Rise, Espa, Red Velvet sortie
SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM) is currently in its second year since the launch of 'SM 3.0' and is introducing a non-stop multi-production system.

From Rise to Super Junior’s new unit LSS andfull debutNCT WISH

SM has opened the door to 2024 with Rise, SHINee's Minho, and Super Junior's new unit Super Junior-LSS, which have been emerging as new music powerhouses since January of this year. In addition, Ten's first solo activity in February and Taeyong's second A powerful artist lineup is expected, including a solo album, the full-scale debut of NCT's last team, NCT WISH, Wendy's second mini-album in March, and NCT DREAM's mini-album.

In addition, the performance schedule is also rich. In January, Minho's first fan concert, NCT 127's third world tour, TVXQ's Asia tour, and Key's solo concert were held, and in February, Super Junior-LSS Asia tour, Taeyong's first solo concert, and Ten's first fan concert Asia tour were held. , 'SMTOWN LIVE 2024', which marks the 20th Tokyo Dome performance, SHINee's Japanese tour final and Asian tour held twice at Tokyo Dome, and Taemin's Japan solo concert in March.

Lineup rush, multi-production power

The multi-production system, which is considered the core of the SM 3.0 strategy, namely the five production centers, is in continuous operation. ONE Production is busier than ever with producing NCT WISH and appearing in the tvN drama 'Marry My Husband', with BoA, Taeyeon, and Espa each producing 'To. More than two months after its release, 'X' and 'Drama' are recording long-running hits at the top of major music charts and No. 1 on music shows.

PRISM Production also carried out SHINee Minho's solo song 'Stay for a Night' and the first fan concert, as well as Key's solo concert, with great interest from global fans. RED Production followed TVXQ's Asia tour, which proved its strong global power. Wendy's mini album is being prepared in March.

In addition, NEO Production is accelerating preparations for the debut of NCT WISH, which is expected to target Korea and Japan simultaneously. At the same time, it plans to release Ten and Taeyong's solo albums in February and NCT DREAM's mini-album in March, and WIZARD Production has been working non-stop since last year. They also engaged in all-out activities with the active members Rise and Super Junior LSS.

In this way, since SM started a full-fledged multi-production system under the 'SM 3.0' system, it has been receiving favorable reviews for not only expanding the diversity of music, but also presenting more diversified artist activity indicators through plans and promotions that take into account the characteristics of artists. For example, last year, SM's number of albums and music releases was 64, a 12% increase from the previous year, new album sales reached an all-time high of 20.1 million units, a 67% increase from the previous year, and 340 concerts were held, a significant increase of 224% from the previous year. did. SM's performance, which proved the success of the new system with such meaningful results, continues in the second quarter.
SM works hard, something big is coming in the second quarter... Rise, Espa, Red Velvet sortie
SM works hard, something big is coming in the second quarter... Rise, Espa, Red Velvet sortie
Rise → Aespa → Red Velvet, expectations increase for the second quarter!

An even more powerful lineup awaits in the second quarter. First, Rise plans to accelerate its popularity by releasing a single and mini album, and Espa's first full-length album, which many music fans have been looking forward to, is also scheduled.

In addition, various attractive soloists such as BoA's single, Suho's mini-album, Hyoyeon's single, and Doyoung's solo, who are releasing new songs for the first time in a long time, as well as SHINee and Red Velvet, WayV's mini-album, which can be trusted and listened to with their unique music color, and virtual artist Nai, who is finally taking off the veil. Until the debut of nævis, a powerful lineup that will literally give you dopamine is waiting.

The same goes for performances. The second quarter is expected to be filled with new concerts by NCT DREAM, which boasts an unrivaled tour score, and Espa, which successfully held its first world tour last year, as well as fan concerts by Super Junior, Super Junior LSS, and Ten.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google