BoyNextdoor unveils a delightful ‘Six Brothers’ skit that brightens the Lunar New Year holiday atmosphere
BoyNextdoor unveils a delightful ‘Six Brothers’ skit that brightens the Lunar New Year holiday atmosphere
BOYNEXTDOOR brought laughter with a cheerful skit ahead of the Lunar New Year.

BoyNextdoor (Seongho, Liu, Myung Jaehyun, Taesan, Lee Han, and Woonhak) will be hosting a 'Six Brothers Visiting Their Grandmother's House in the Country' event ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday on the team's official YouTube and global fandom life platform Weverse channels at 8 PM on the 6th. Produced with the concept of ‘WHAT? Episode 7 of ‘DOOR!’ (What Door) was uploaded.

The members, who were beautifully dressed in hanbok for the holiday, showed off their entertainment skills with ad-lib acting and skit skills that made people laugh. They call themselves fictional characters Seongho, the ‘young farmer’s eldest brother’, Liu, ‘100 YouTubers who dream of becoming 1 million YouTubers’, Taesan, ‘an influencer with 25 million followers’, Lee Han, ‘the fourth with a special face’. They appeared by introducing themselves as Mystic's fifth child, Unhak, who dreams of becoming a rapper, and Myeong Jaehyun, the 'cute youngest member.'

BoyNextdoor has been waiting for leader Myung Jae-hyun, who is now the youngest of six brothers, to 'pursue the youngest', while constantly making absurd promises to virtual SNS subscribers, and being so absorbed in music that he goes his own way in group activities, etc. They were overly immersed in role-playing, heightening the noisy holiday atmosphere.

Boy Next Door was tasked with making and eating rice cake dumpling soup and injeolmi while the grandmother was out, and began preparing 'self-sufficient' meals by chopping firewood, lighting a fire in the furnace, and making dumplings. Next week's broadcast will feature more diverse stories, such as a game where you have to wash dishes and a time to reminisce while looking at childhood photos.

'WHAT? ‘DOOR!’ is BoyNextDoor’s own content that depicts the journey of filling the countless ‘question marks’ in one’s mind with ‘exclamation marks’. It can be found every Tuesday at 8 PM on BoyNextdoor’s official YouTube and Weverse channels.

Meanwhile, BoyNextdoor recently won the 'Best New Artist (K-Pop)' award at the '2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024', a music awards ceremony hosted by iHeartRadio, an American online radio broadcaster. ' was nominated for the category. On March 2, they will be invited to the stage as main artists at the '38th MyNavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2024 Spring/Summer', Japan's largest fashion festival.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google