YG Baby Monster's emotional vocals worked
YG Baby Monster's emotional vocals worked
YG's new girl group Baby Monster has proven its overwhelming vocal capabilities with a pre-released song ahead of its full-scale activities in April.

Baby Monster released the new song 'Stuck In The Middle' at midnight on the 1st. It attracted great interest from global music fans as it predicted a pop ballad genre with a different charm from the strong hip-hop debut song 'BATTER UP'.

The members' pure, emotional voices penetrated my heart. The confusing love experienced for the first time was delicately expressed with restrained emotion, leading listeners to a beautiful fantasy fairy tale world like a music video.

The vocal management was also excellent, with a natural transition between falsetto and true voice, which is hard to believe for a rookie. Here, the attractive voices of the solo part members created perfect harmony with the high notes that burst out in the second half, leaving a deep lingering impression.

The response to the music video was that the visuals of the members' beautiful dresses and dreamy visual beauty matched the song perfectly. Although it is a ballad song without a fancy dance performance, it reached 210,000 simultaneous users on YouTube Premiere immediately after its release, and exceeded 3.6 million views in 10 hours.

In addition, since all lyrics are written only in English, the song was aimed squarely at global fans. Amid favorable reviews from music fans, 'Stuck In The Middle' is gradually expanding its popularity by sweeping the iTunes Song Chart in eight countries upon its release.

Meanwhile, Baby Monster will release its first mini album on April 1 following the pre-released song 'Stuck In The Middle'. Starting with this album, member Ahyun plans to return and actively pursue activities as a 7-member group. Following the U.S. Billboard, the Grammys also recently selected Baby Monster as a new K-pop artist to watch, expressing expectations for their future activities after the mini album.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google