Nam Woohyun performs first Asian tour in Osaka, Japan
Nam Woohyun performs first Asian tour in Osaka, Japan
Nam Woo-hyun kicked off his Asian tour with great energy.

Nam Woohyun held the ‘2024 NAM WOO HYUN ASIA TOUR <Arbor Day 3 – WHITREE> (2024 NAM WOO HYUN Asia Tour <Arbor Day 3 – WHITREE>)’ in Osaka, Japan on the afternoon of the 25th.

On this day, Nam Woo-hyun performed an opening stage filled with his unique emotions, including 'Hold On Me', 'Rain', and 'You Only Look at Me'. Nam Woo-hyun, who greeted local Osaka fans whom he met again after a year, brightened the atmosphere of the concert hall with colorful performances such as 'That Person', 'Nod Nod', 'ALONE', and 'I Swear'. It got even hotter.

The performance of songs from Nam Woo-hyun's first full-length album 'WHITREE', which he debuted through this Asian tour, continued, and fans responded with enthusiastic responses. Nam Woo-hyun, who captivated fans with his solid singing ability and spectacular performance, filled the stage with his own charm throughout the running time.
Nam Woohyun performs first Asian tour in Osaka, Japan
Nam Woohyun performs first Asian tour in Osaka, Japan
In addition, Nam Woo-hyun completed a flawless performance with a bridge video that captured the hearts of fans, and created unforgettable memories with fans by gifting them a wooden ring he made himself through a dress code event. In addition, as Nam Woo-hyun boasts extraordinary love for his fans, he spent time actively communicating and listening to the fans' reactions after each performance.

Nam Woo-hyun, who delivered his final greetings, concluded the performance with the title song 'Baby Baby' from 'WHITREE'. Afterwards, fans' requests for an encore poured in, and they presented an encore stage that could only be seen on this tour.

Nam Woo-hyun, who finished the stage, said through his agency Blade Entertainment, “First of all, I am very grateful to our Inspirit (official fan club name) and staff who were with us so that <Arbor Day 3 – WHITREE> could end well. It's been a long time since I visited Japan for a solo concert, and it was a happy time to be able to plant a tree of memories with Inspirit. “Starting with this concert, I was energized by the cheers and cheers from Inspirit, and I will work hard to repay you with better music and stages,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nam Woohyun continues his Asian tour in Tokyo, Taipei, and Hong Kong.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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