Monsta X I.M releases ‘Slowly’ today (23rd)
Monsta X I.M releases ‘Slowly’ today (23rd)
Group Monsta X's IM's new single is unveiled.

I.M will release the digital single 'Slowly' through various online music sites at 6 PM on the 23rd.

'Slowly', full of winter emotions, is a medium tempo genre, and the lyrics express the emotions of a lover who has broken up. Like the song title, which means 'slowly', 'slowly', and 'slowly', I.M.'s unique calm and calm voice is impressive.

In particular, Heize participated in singing along with co-composing and writing lyrics for 'Slowly', adding synergy. As this is the second song they have collaborated on following 'Every Street', 'Slowly', which reflects the colors of the two artists, is expected to leave a deep impression on listeners.

Ahead of the release, I.M said through his agency Sony Music Entertainment Korea (hereinafter referred to as Sony Music), “It was a good opportunity to sing about the empty and lonely feelings of the process of breaking up with Hayes. I think I can. “I hope you love it a lot.”

I.M., who announced a new emergence at Sony Music last year, started with the release of the mini album 'OVERDRIVE' and successfully completed his first solo showcase. He has also been active in various festivals and plans to communicate with fans through various channels as an 'all-rounder musician' this year.

I.M. continues to be active upon the release of 'Slowly'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google