Seventeen and Bang Si-hyuk praise rookie group TWS
Seventeen and Bang Si-hyuk praise rookie group TWS
Group Seventeen praised TWS (Tours).

TWS (Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, Kyungmin) released ‘TWS (Tours) Prologue The Full Story’ on Hive Labels’ official YouTube channel at 6 PM on the 16th and the title song of their 1st mini album ‘at 00:00 on the 17th. The first meeting didn't go as planned' official teasers were posted one after another.

First, 'TWS: Prologue The Full Story' is an expanded version of 'TWS Prologue 'Oh Mymy: 7s'', which was released on the 2nd. It contains the honest thoughts of the six members ahead of the stage inspection of 'Oh Mymy: 7s (Oh My My)', as well as feedback from Seventeen, Pledis Entertainment Master Professional Han Sung-soo, and Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk.

Before the stage inspection, Jihoon said, “I practiced really hard. “I have no doubt that I will be able to perform on stage with confidence,” he said, igniting his motivation. The youngest member, Kyungmin, boosted the members' morale by saying, “I will trust my brothers.” Soon, when TWS' performance of 'Oh Mymy: 7s' began, the attention of everyone at the scene was focused. In particular, SEVENTEEN's Woozi, Hoshi, and Seungkwan, who were appreciating TWS's stage, were captured dancing to the beat and smiling to TWS's music.
Seventeen and Bang Si-hyuk praise rookie group TWS
Seventeen and Bang Si-hyuk praise rookie group TWS
After the TWS performance, Seungkwan said, “(TWS) worked hard. “It’s so reassuring,” he said, and Dino said, “I really respect it because I think it conveyed fresh emotions properly. Rather, I felt that there was something to learn (from TWS),” he praised. Woozi also left a sincere piece of advice to TWS, saying, “I hope we can continue this feeling of cherishing each other.”

Han Seong-soo, Master Professional at Pledis Entertainment, said, “Having good seniors is a great asset. “I have seen enough of how Seventeen has grown, so please follow the path of your seniors and grow into a team that produces good music.” Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who previously appeared at another stage inspection, said, “I hope you don’t forget that you can perform on stage with confidence because you have practiced (well). I'm glad that the practice went really well. “A great success,” he encouraged TWS.

The title track of TWS' 1st mini album 'Sparkling Blue', 'First Meeting Doesn't Go As Planned', arouses excitement from the cheerful melody that lets you feel the refreshing atmosphere of the song. TWS's excitement and nervousness ahead of the first school day of the new semester were expressed.

‘First meeting doesn’t go as planned’ is a song that really captures the sensibility of ‘Boyhood Pop’, a genre unique to TWS. Through this song, TWS plans to tell a story about overcoming the vagueness faced in the excitement of a first meeting with anticipation for the bright days ahead.

TWS' 1st mini album 'Sparkling Blue' will be released at 6 PM on the 22nd. Prior to this, a pop-up store 'TWS: THE MUSEUM VISITOR' will be held at The Hyundai Seoul on the 18th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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