Kyuhyun, you can do this even without SM
Kyuhyun, you can do this even without SM
Kyuhyun, you can do this even without SM
Kyuhyun, you can do this even without SM
Singer Kyuhyun proved his true worth as a ‘trustworthy listener’ with his new album released on Antenna.

Kyuhyun took his first step at Antenna by releasing the EP 'Restart' on the 9th. Kyuhyun, who embarked on another journey as a solo artist, announced a spectacular 'Kyu Start' with the release of a new album and a warm response from fans.

Accordingly, we looked back on why Kyuhyun's new start was successful.

▲ Antenna and express synergy… Proving a wide musical spectrum!
'Restart' contains a variety of genres, from emotional ballads to pop ballads, and captures Kyuhyun's wide musical spectrum. In particular, the title song 'It's Not Like That' is a pop rock genre with an impressive refreshing band sound, proving Kyuhyun's more sophisticated musicality with a different charm from existing songs. While Yoo Hee-yeol participated in writing the lyrics for the title song and incorporated antenna colors into it, the b-side song 'Rainbow' also improved its level of perfection with the support of Seo Dong-hwan, a member of the agency's writing team. In synergy with Antenna, Kyuhyun showed a deeper world of music and received favorable reviews.

▲ I took on a musical challenge... Dominating the global charts!
As proof of Kyuhyun's successful new start, 'Restart' achieved success on various global music charts. Immediately after its release, the new album ranked first on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 15 countries and regions around the world, and then ranked third on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. The title song 'It's Not That', as well as the b-side songs 'Restart' and 'That's Because It's You (Super Junior-KRY)', also went straight to No. 1 on the global iTunes Top Song Chart, proving Kyuhyun's popularity at home and abroad.

▲ Appearing on a music show after 2 years… Proving the true value of ‘Trustworthy’!
Kyuhyun performed the title song 'That's Not So' on various music broadcasts, starting with Mnet's 'M Countdown' on the 11th. Kyuhyun, who challenged the pop rock genre, proved his true value as a 'trustworthy listener' by adding powerful singing skills to his delicate sensibility and completing an immersive live stage. In particular, Kyuhyun, who appeared on a music broadcast for the first time in about two years, made eye contact with fans and shared warm communication, leaving a long lasting impression. In addition, Kyuhyun boasted a variety of charms with outfits that alternate between dandy and chic, solidifying his presence as a solo artist.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun continues to actively communicate with fans by appearing on various broadcasts and web entertainment.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google