Decalcomani steals attention… SISTAR 19 MV, double the sexiness
Decalcomani steals attention… SISTAR 19 MV, double the sexiness
Unit duo SISTAR19 released a music video teaser a day ahead of their comeback.

SISTAR19 released the second teaser video of its new single album 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' through its official SNS on the 15th, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign fans.

If the previously released teaser video announced the appearance of a cowgirl armed with sexy charisma, this time it focused on the cowgirl's provocation and revealed an unconventional yet dreamy atmosphere.

This teaser, which begins with Hyorin and Bora's decalcomania-like twin choreography, highlights the cowgirl's energetic steps, showing her confident and confident appearance. Thanks to this, the movie-like story and unconventional performance structure herald a solid level of completion.

In this teaser video, some of the lyrics and melody are revealed, stimulating curiosity and anticipation about the full version of the title song 'NO MORE (MA BOY)'. In the teaser, Hyorin and Bora showed off everything from a chic charm with deep charisma to a sensual yet sexy charm armed with a solid body line.

Additionally, member Hyorin makes use of the highly addictive rhythmic melody and sings the last part of the song, ‘Decorate the ending, Ma boy. The lyrics ‘Ia la la la, I’m aiming at you’ were released. With choreography and songs that are unforgettable once seen, they are heralding the rise of online memes and popular challenges.

In particular, SISTAR 19 struck a unique cowgirl pose that seemed to be aiming straight ahead in the teaser ending scene, making people look forward to the powerful performance they will show on the comeback stage of their new single album 'NO MORE (MA BOY)'.

The comeback title song 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' by SISTAR19, armed with sexiness more than twice that of Decalcomani, is an extension of SISTAR19's debut song 'Ma Boy' and has a simple yet addictive hook melody. is an attractive track that lingers in your ears.

The song 'SAUCY' is a track with an impressive dreamy synth vibe, and expectations are rising for the full version as it features the harmony of members Hyorin and Bora.

SISTAR19, which returns in 2024, heralds the return of an all-time unit by combining Hyolyn's dynamic singing ability with Bora's mature tone.

Comeback on the 16th.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google