Stray Kids, 2023 career high streak
Stray Kids, 2023 career high streak
'Global trend' Stray Kids has left a mark on the group's growth history by driving a wedge as the protagonist who will win K-pop hegemony in the global music market in 2023.

Since their debut in March 2018, Stray Kids has established a clear team identity with original concepts, explosive performances, and solid self-producing capabilities, and has continued to grow rapidly with each album. Starting with the first Japanese regular album 'THE SOUND' in February 2023, the 3rd regular album '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' in June, and the first Japanese EP album 'Social Path (feat) in September. . LiSA) / Super Bowl -Japanese ver.-' (Social Pass (feat. LiSA) / Super Bowl Japanese version), released a total of 4 domestic and foreign albums, including the November mini album '樂-STAR' (Rockstar), and was ranked number 1 on the US Billboard. The group has achieved remarkable results by accumulating records of its own best and first scores and awards on various major charts, including.

[“Dominating the American pop market” Achieved 1st place on the US ‘Billboard 200’ for 4 consecutive years & entered the ‘Hot 100’ for the first time]

Stray Kids first ranked first on the US Billboard main chart 'Billboard 200' with the mini album 'ODDINARY' in March 2022, followed by 'MAXIDENT' in October 2022 and the regular album 'Maxident' in June 2023. ★★★★★ (5-STAR)' and November's mini-album '樂-STAR', setting a record by placing four works in first place in a row. After pop star Alicia Keys and One Direction, Stray Kids is the only artist to have four works in a row go straight to number one on the 'Billboard 200' chart since their debut album. Their achievement of achieving first place on the 'Billboard 200' four times in a row in about 20 months is the second fastest record after Taylor Swift, who took about 16 months.

The title song 'Rock (樂)' of the mini album '樂-STAR' entered the 'Hot 100' chart at number 90 on November 25th (hereinafter local time), making it their first entry into the chart. This has added significance as it is the second K-pop boy group after BTS and the first to enter the 4th generation K-pop boy group. They achieved remarkable results on the 'Hot 100' chart, which is considered an indicator of popularity in the American music market, reaffirming their status as the top boy group of the 4th generation of K-pop. A total of two albums released this year, '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' and '樂-STAR', both reached the top of the 'Billboard 200' and even topped the 'Hot 100' chart with 'Rock (樂)'. The record shows that Stray Kids has a strong influence in the American pop market.

[“‘K-pop trend’ playing around the world” Showing its true value on the global stage & competing at the US pop music awards ceremony]

They are writing a new history in the music industry by standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's leading artists, and have made a name for themselves by sweeping trophies at overseas awards ceremonies this year. Stray Kids won the 'Best K-Pop' category with the title song 'Special' of their 3rd regular album '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' at the '2023 MTV Video Music Awards' held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, USA in September 2023. Awarded. Then, in November, they won the title of 'Top K-Pop Album' with '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' at the '2023 Billboard Music Awards', making them the first among the 4th generation K-Pop boy groups and BTS by the standards of all-time boy groups. It was the second time for the group to receive the award following the Boy Scouts. He further solidified his position as an irreplaceable global star by proudly lifting trophies on behalf of K-pop artists at the 'MTV Video Music Awards' and 'Billboard Music Awards', which are considered one of the four major pop music awards ceremonies in the United States along with the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards. did.

Since their pre-debut, Stray Kids has grown by showing off their unrivaled presence on the global stage by adding powerful performances to their original music. The group is widely loved for its inherent spirit and passionate music energy, and has captivated K-pop audiences by traveling around the world this year. In April 2023, an encore performance of the second world tour 'Stray Kids 2nd World Tour "MANIAC"' will be held at the Bank of California Stadium (BMO Stadium) in Los Angeles, USA, with 42 world tours in 18 regions around the world. The tour ended successfully. Then, in July, he became the first K-pop artist to headline 'Lollapalooza Paris', enthralling over 60,000 audiences, and in September, the group's producing team 3RACHA, consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, performed at New York Central, USA. They showed their unique status by being the only 4th generation K-pop boy groups to appear on the stage of the '2023 Global Citizen Festival' held at the park. From August to October, the first 4th generation K-pop boy group will hold a 10-session large-scale dome tour in 5 regions in Korea and Japan called 'Stray Kids 5-STAR Dome Tour 2023' (Five Star Dome Tour 2023), gaining a reputation as a 'stage gourmet'. shone brightly.

["Various global record parades" Exclusive 'First and Best' titles in the 2023 annual chart]

Stray Kids, who have established themselves as the 'K-pop trend' in name and reality in 2023, have proven their overwhelming global attention by leaving positive results on various overseas charts. In particular, it clearly stood out on various global year-end charts such as Japan's Oricon, Billboard Japan, and Germany's Official Chart. According to the 2023 YEAR-END CHARTS released by Billboard Japan in December 2023, Stray Kids' first local EP album 'Social Path (feat. LiSA) / Super Bowl -Japanese ver.-' released last September. They ranked 3rd, the highest ranking among K-pop artists, in the comprehensive album chart 'Hot Album' and 'Top Album Sales' categories, and ranked 4th, the highest among 4th generation K-pop groups, in Japan's Oricon year-end album rankings, demonstrating their powerful album power. showed off.

In the 2023 'Top 100 Albums Annual Chart' recently released by the German Official Charts (offizielle deutsche charts), the 3rd full-length album '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' ranked 26th and the mini album '樂-STAR' ranked 91st. Stray Kids was the only K-pop artist to be named. In addition, it ranked 82nd, the highest among K-pop artists, with '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' on the 'Billboard 200 Albums' in the US Billboard year-end chart, and reached the top spot in 'World Album Artist' and 'World Album'. It showed its mainstream potential by taking a seat in . Also, among the global music streaming platform Spotify's '2023 Wrapped year-end settlement' chart, 'Top 10 Most Streamed K-Pop Artists', '2023 Top Group (2023 Most Streamed Group' Playlist)', and '2023 Top Group Canada'. In this category, they showed their unrivaled presence by recording the highest ranking among the 4th generation K-pop boy groups.

As of the 28th, the 3rd full-length album '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' is the sportiest following 'ODDINARY', 'NOEASY', 'GO生', and 'IN生' (Life). Pie Stream is gaining popularity, reaching a total of 500 million views. Stray Kids, who boast their unique musical color and charm and are on a high flight with STAY (fandom name), are receiving explosive love by rising on various overseas music platforms and social indicators, with the number of followers on their official YouTube account exceeding 15 million as of the 18th. is receiving.

Stray Kids will grace the last day of the year by appearing on NHK's 'Red and White Songshuden', Japan's representative year-end special broadcast, which airs every year on December 31st. Those who successfully completed 2023 amid great cheers from fans around the world are raising public expectations for the music and stage they will show in 2024.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google