‘Seventeen’s younger brother group’ TWS, revealed to be a 6-member group
‘Seventeen’s younger brother group’ TWS, revealed to be a 6-member group
'Seventeen's younger brother group' Pledis Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Pledis)'s rookie TWS (Tours) has been unveiled.

On the 22nd, the agency Pledis said, “TWS is made up of six elite members with solid performance skills, visuals, and excellent musical sense.” They added, “They are an independent genre called ‘Boyhood Pop,’ which has expanded from the bright and refreshing team identity. “We will unfold a fresh musical journey by stimulating the pure and beautiful emotions of boyhood.”

'Boyhood Pop' is a fantastic and sensuous music genre unique to TWS that evokes beautiful appreciation in everyday life. Every note and every lyric captures the natural story of boyhood. TWS plans to present their own friendly musical style that is natural and honest and not forced.

TWS revealed the team name on the 21st. In particular, as it is called the younger group of the multi-member group Seventeen, speculation arose about the number of team members, and the outline of a 6-member group was revealed. TWS will officially debut in January next year.

Meanwhile, TWS is a boy group launched by Pledis nine years after Seventeen, and is Hive Labels' first rookie group in 2024. The team name is an abbreviation for 'TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US', and the number 24, meaning a day, and the number 7, meaning a week, are metaphors for 'every moment', meaning 'always with TWS.'

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google