ATBO wins ‘AAA Potential’ award at ‘2023 AAA’
ATBO wins ‘AAA Potential’ award at ‘2023 AAA’
Group ATBO won the 'AAA Potential Award' at '2023 AAA'.

ATBO was the winner of the 'AAA Potential' category awarded to artists with infinite potential at the '2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES' (2023 Asia Artist Awards in the Philippines, hereinafter '2023 AAA') held at the Philippine Arena on the 14th. was selected.

ATBO, who went on stage thanks to winning the award, delivered his thoughts in multiple languages, including Korean, English, and Filipino. ATBO said, "First of all, I would like to thank AAA for giving me the 'AAA Potential Award'. This year marks the 1st anniversary of my debut, and I think that this award given today is an award that will help me shine even brighter in the future, and I will become an ATBO that does my best." .

Additionally, member Won Bin expressed his gratitude in English and Filipino, saying, "I am happy to return to the Philippines, where I used to live, and receive the award. I am also happy and grateful to be able to meet Filipino boaters."

On this day, ATBO not only won the award, but also heated up the scene by showing a performance that can only be seen at the '2023 AAA' site. ATBO is releasing the song 'Mayday' from their new album 'MUST HAVE' and the title song 'Next to Me' from their 3rd mini album 'The Beginning: 飛上'. Not only did it show off, but it also made it more fun to watch with its energetic dance break.

Meanwhile, ATBO released its first single album 'MUST HAVE' and title song 'Must Have Love' on the 27th of last month.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google