BTS, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans are in the global Top 10 of Most Viewed Artists on TikTok
BTS, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans are in the global Top 10 of Most Viewed Artists on TikTok
HYBE Labels artists such as BTS and ENHYPEN showed off their strong presence through short-form content.

TikTok, a global short-form video platform, announced data on 'Year on TikTok 2023 (accounting period from January 1 to October 31) on the 6th. According to this data, in the global category of TikTok's 'The Hitmakers: Most Viewed Artist 2023', BTS (4th), ENHYPEN (6th), LE SSERAFIM (8th), and NewJeans (9th place) was named. There are a total of 5 K-pop artists included in the 'Top 10' of the list, 4 of which are HYBE Labels artists.

ENHYPEN ranked second highest among K-pop boy groups after BTS. Also, 'Hitmakers: Most-Viewed Artist 2023' ranked 3rd in Korea for two consecutive years.

Following BTS, which has risen to become a world-class group, ENHYPEN has emerged as one of the top K-pop male artists on TikTok, drawing attention. ENHYPEN showed off its diverse charms not only through dance challenges, but also through situational dramas using their own songs and content that reflects trends. Among the videos uploaded by ENHYPEN this year, there are 49 videos with more than 10 million views, including SB19's 'GENTO' dance video performed by ENHYPEN Jeongwon, which has 42.5 million views.

As short-form videos became popular, especially among the MZ generation, TikTok's influence grew. The background music used in the video attracts attention around the world, and based on this, there are many cases of it going backwards on domestic and international music charts, so the number of views on TikTok is used as an important indicator of popularity in the K-pop market.

In fact, ENHYPEN also received a lot of attention as the 'Polaroid Love' challenge went viral through TikTok. 'Polaroid Love' was also ranked second in Korea in 'The Playlist: Top Tracks of 2022' last year.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google