ONF, successful completion of fan meeting in Japan
ONF, successful completion of fan meeting in Japan
Group ONF concluded their fan meeting in Japan.

On the 24th and 26th, ONF held a fan meeting 'Be Here Now' at Zepp Namba in Osaka, Japan and Zepp Haneda in Tokyo and met with local fans.

ONF opened their Japanese fan meeting with the title song 'Beautiful Beautiful' from their first full-length album released in 2021 and the song 'What is a love?' from their second Japanese single album.

In addition, following the Japanese special single 'Love Effect -Japanese Ver.-', ONF surprised local fans with a surprise cover of Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu's 'Lemon' with ONF's unique sensibility. . In addition, local fans enjoyed a variety of performances, from songs from domestic albums such as 'Be Here Now', 'Moscow Moscow', 'Dam Dam Di Ram', and 'Goosebumps' to '24 Hours -Japanese Ver.-' from the second Japanese single album. captured their hearts.

In addition, ONF provided unique enjoyment to fans through various corners, such as a time to talk about 'firsts' such as the first meeting with members and memories of the first fan meeting, a question corner to answer fans' curiosity, and games. .

ONF said through their agency WM Entertainment, “It’s been a long time since I met Japanese fans, and I’m really grateful for their patience. “I was happy to be able to show the stage in person,” he said.

He continued, “Through this fan meeting, I felt once again that I am a truly happy person. “We want to repay the happiness we felt with even greater happiness to our fans,” he said, expressing his gratitude, saying, “We will work hard and work hard so that our fans will gain strength when they see us, so please watch over ONF.”

Meanwhile, ONF plans to meet fans through various activities in the future.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google