NMIXX will release their second EP on January 15, 2024
NMIXX will release their second EP on January 15, 2024
NMIXX will release its second EP on January 15, 2024, and will heat up its comeback with the pre-released digital single 'Soñar (Breaker)' on December 4.

JYP Entertainment announced the news of their comeback by surprisingly opening the motion poster for NMIXX's 2nd mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK' on their official SNS channel at midnight on the 28th. According to this, NMIXX will first release the dishing 'Soñar (Breaker)' on December 4th and officially release their second mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK' on January 15th next year.

In the motion poster, a cubic transparent object appeared like a magnet attracting all kinds of objects, including cars, traffic lights, and benches, on a desolate street where thick fog dims even the streetlights, creating a strange feeling. As the cube breaks, the scattered fragments create shapes like elemental symbols, and are soon reorganized into the new album 'Fe3O4: BREAK', delivering a strong impact. 'Fe3O4' is one of the chemical symbols for magnetic materials, and 'Soñar' in the pre-released single 'Soñar (Breaker)' means 'to dream.'

NMIXX showed themselves as a talented girl group through their first mini album 'expérgo' released on March 20th of this year and the title song 'Love Me Like This'. They increased the satisfaction of fans with powerful performances and explosive singing skills, and presented album content with new and unique elements. The title song 'Love Me Like This' entered Melon's 'Top 100' at number 99 and then jumped a total of 95 places through word of mouth, maintaining its place in the top 5 and also increasing its growth point.

NMIXX will mark the end of 2023 with the pre-release of the digital single 'Soñar (Breaker)' on December 4th at 6pm. They will begin their activities in 2024 with their second mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK', which will be officially released at 6 PM on January 15th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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