&TEAM unveils new song 'War Cry' MV
&TEAM unveils new song 'War Cry' MV
“Now is the perfect timing”

‘Hive Global Group’ &TEAM’s race begins.

&TEAM (Uiju, Fuma, Kei, Nicholas, Yuma, Joe, Harua, Taki, Maki) will release all songs from their first full-length album 'First Howling: NOW' along with the title song 'War Cry' at 6 PM on the 15th (Korean time). ''s music video was released.

The music video for 'War Cry' begins with a scene where Kei stands alone under the full moon and puts on a necklace. &TEAM's charismatic appearance continues as they race and roar towards the wider world.

The music video focuses on &TEAM's 'rough' side in an overall dark and intense atmosphere. The intense performance reminiscent of a pack of wolves, such as crouching poses and the roaring choreography of 'Wolf Pack', is combined with the deep and rough eyes and expressions of the nine members, overwhelming the audience's attention throughout the performance.

Screen compositions such as diagonal structures, slanted angles, and cross lines add tension, and the contrasting colors of red, white, and black properly visualize the atmosphere of the song.

'War Cry' is an impressive song with a powerful rock sound and heavy guitar playing. &TEAM expressed their will to face the world in their own way and open a new era in the song. As you listen, the addictive rap and powerful chorus resonate in your ears and leave a deep lingering impression. David Wilson, who has explored various music genres, led by Slow Rabbit, who produced albums by several Hive Labels artists, including the title song 'Under the skin' and the b-side song 'Scent of you' of his debut album. Wilson, Jutes, and Elijah Noll participated in the song.

The lyrics of this song (Korean version) were completed by Seo Ji-eum, who is known as a ‘luxury lyricist.’ He wrote lyrics about the moment when the boys, finally shaking off their fears and gaining courage, boldly take a step toward the world and declare the beginning of their adventure.

Meanwhile, &TEAM plans to carry out active global activities such as music broadcasts and various entertainment contents with the new album, and will hold a showcase to commemorate the album release at 3 PM on the 16th.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google