Golden Child releases ‘Feel me’ choreography video
Golden Child releases ‘Feel me’ choreography video
The full version of the spoiler content choreography video of the group Golden Child (Lee Dae-yeol, Y, Lee Jang-jun, TAG, Bae Seung-min, Bong Jae-hyun, Kim Ji-beom, Kim Dong-hyun, Hong Joo-chan, Choi Bo-min) has been released.

The agency Woollim Entertainment released the choreography video for Golden Child's third single 'Feel Me' and the title song of the same name, 'Feel Me', through its official YouTube channel at 9 PM on the 4th.

This is a continuation of the spoiler video that was released on the 1st, a day before the release of the new single, and shows Golden Child performing a powerful performance of 'Feel Me' against the backdrop of a white studio.

In the video, Golden Child aroused admiration by showing a perfect performance reminiscent of being on stage, along with comfortable and casual jeans styling that highlighted each person's individuality.

In particular, TAG and Kim Ji-beom, who won as a penalty because they failed to answer correctly in the telepathy game played in the previous spoiler video, made people laugh by dancing while wearing cute headbands and sunglasses that the members had personally chosen.

Golden Child's new song 'Feel Me' is a post-grunge rock genre song that tells the story of youth who have grown up together through the same time. The ambience intro that creates tension and the distorted guitar sound in the highlight part are attractive.

Meanwhile, Golden Child released their third single 'Feel Me' on the 2nd and are continuing their active activities with the title song of the same name.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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