Nam Woohyun confirms solo comeback in November
Nam Woohyun confirms solo comeback in November
Nam Woohyun is making a solo comeback after about two years.

According to Blade Entertainment, Nam Woo-hyun will release his first solo album since his debut in November and begin activities.

Nam Woo-hyun opened the Coming Soon poster through his official Twitter account at midnight on the 1st. In the released image, a snowy field covered in white snow and several trees planted there stimulate winter sensibility, raising expectations for the upcoming comeback.

Nam Woo-hyun spent a special time meeting domestic and foreign fans at the Asian tour fan meeting 'Dating with WOO', which was held in five cities in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Macao last January. Afterwards, in August, Infinite successfully completed their Asian tour, starting with the Seoul performance of 'COMEBACK AGAIN', their first solo concert in 7 years, followed by stops in Yokohama, Taipei, and Macau.
Nam Woohyun confirms solo comeback in November
Nam Woohyun confirms solo comeback in November
Nam Woo-hyun, who debuted as a member of the group Infinite in 2010, received a lot of love from fans by demonstrating not only solid musicianship with a rich tone and cool singing style befitting the team's main vocal position, but also unrivaled performance skills that go beyond ballads and dance.

Nam Woo-hyun, who showed potential as a complete vocalist through group activities, debuted as a soloist and continued his active career by releasing four mini albums.

In particular, as Nam Woo-hyun received a warm response from fans by showing off his understated sexiness through the performance of 'Between Coldness and Passion', the title song of his 4th mini album 'WITH' released in October 2021, he is returning to his full-time job after about two years. Fans are excited about his new appearance when he returns and shows his improved musical capabilities.

Meanwhile, Nam Woo-hyun continues his comeback promotion sequentially.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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