KISS OF LIFE attends the global music festival X-CON
KISS OF LIFE attends the global music festival X-CON
Girl group KISS OF LIFE will participate in 'X-CON 2023', the first global music festival held in Japan.

KISS OF LIFE was named to the lineup for 'X-CON 2023', which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan for three days starting December 8th. KISS OF LIFE will be on stage at the 'X-Krush' daytime performance on December 10th and will communicate with the audience through various stages and talks, including their debut song 'Shhh'. .

'X-CON', which announced its first event this year, is a cross-cultural music festival that transcends genres and borders and brings together various cultures such as animation, games, rock, hip-hop idols, K-POP, and VTuber, with 5 performances over 3 days. Held, each show presents a stage with different charms.

Among them, 'X-Krush' is a performance featuring K-POP stars who will become popular not only in Asia but also around the world, and showcase a stage with various personalities and performances. KISS OF LIFE will appear as a representative 5th generation girl group. It plans to leave a strong presence.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google