Group god confirms concert at the end of this year
Group god confirms concert at the end of this year
Group god (G.O.D) meets fans with a year-end concert.

On the morning of the 12th, IOK Company said, “god (G.O.D) has confirmed to hold a solo concert this year following ‘god [ON]’ held at the end of last year. “This performance is scheduled to start in Seoul in November and be held in Busan and Daegu in December.”

Last year, god (G.O.D), who returned as a complete group after 4 years and received much public attention by showing harmony beyond generations through the 23rd debut anniversary performance 'god [ON]', performed on 'You Quiz on the Block' and 'IU' after the performance. The group has maintained a solid team up until now by carrying out various activities as a complete group, such as 'Palette', as well as solo activities in their respective positions.

Not only 'god [ON]', but also the KBS major project 'ㅇㅁㄷ G.O.D' scheduled to be broadcast on the 28th, all tickets were sold out as soon as tickets were opened for each performance, showing off their still powerful ticket power. This year-end performance by god, who is writing a new history in the Korean music industry, is an opportunity to look back on the past with fans and prepare for the future ahead of the 25th anniversary of their debut.

Expectations are high on whether g.o.d, which has solidly maintained its position as a national idol group for 24 years, will be able to once again present an impressive stage to the public through this year's year-end performance.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google