Forestella holds an outdoor solo festival for the second year in a row in October
Forestella holds an outdoor solo festival for the second year in a row in October
Crossover group Forestella will meet fans again this year at an outdoor festival.

Forestella (Hyeong-ho Kang, Woo-rim Go, Doo-hoon Bae, Min-gyu Jo) will hold the '2023 Forestella Festival' at the 88 Lawn Yard at Olympic Park in Seoul on October 14th and 15th.

'2023 Forestella Festival' is an outdoor solo festival prepared by Forestella for the first time in over a year. In October last year, Forestella was the first domestic crossover group to successfully hold the '2022 Forestella Festival - The Beginning: World Tree' at the 1st Outdoor Music Hall in Suwon.

This year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Forestella's live stage in a larger space. In addition, a unique fun and liveliness that can only be felt at an outdoor solo festival is expected, including various events such as F&B booths and photo zones.

Additionally, as they are making a comeback with the spin-off digital single 'KOOL' on the 6th of this month, a new set list is also raising expectations. Forestella is preparing a high-quality live stage encompassing a variety of genres, including original songs. Forestella's luxurious harmony, which will resonate in an outdoor space larger than the concert hall, is expected to once again provide unforgettable emotion and thrill.

This year, Forestella started with the first Korean crossover group to tour five cities in the Americas, followed by the Seoul encore concert 'The Royal' and the new season's national tour 'The Light', which was filled with packed audiences at every performance. are meeting them. Forestella's unrivaled sound power is expected to shine at outdoor festivals as well.

The '2023 Forestella Festival' will be held at 6 PM on October 14th and 15th, and pre-sale for fan club Foreststar will be held at 9 PM on the 6th of this month through the ticket link of the online reservation site.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google