YG Treasure makes a surprise decision on the follow-up song to ‘BOMB’… September music release
YG Treasure makes a surprise decision on the follow-up song to ‘BOMB’… September music release
Thanks to the positive response from global music fans, YG Treasure has decided to use the track 'BOMB' from their 2nd full-length album as their follow-up song.

YG Entertainment announced on the 1st that it will release the music video for 'BOMB', a song included in Treasure's 2nd full-length album 'REBOOT', and a newly arranged sound source in September.

Accordingly, Treasure successfully completed filming the music video, which took place in Gyeonggi-do over two days on the 30th and 31st of last month. In addition, while work is progressing at a rapid pace, such as revising some of the lyrics of 'BOMB' and arranging the accompaniment, a different charm from the original song is predicted, raising the curiosity of global fans.

Even though it is not an official song, such additional promotion is very unusual. YG explained that they made this decision to respond to fans' requests for follow-up activities and their enthusiastic support for 'BOMB'.

In fact, 'BOMB' is gaining popularity on various global platforms even without any special promotion. This song topped the U.S. Billboard's 'Hot Trending Songs' chart, which reflects popular songs, topics, and trends on Twitter, and was also featured in various dance challenges created by fans on large music platforms TikTok and YouTube. is spreading at a rapid pace. The number of views of videos with related hashtags has now exceeded 11 million views, and the trend is becoming increasingly popular.

YG said, "We have prepared a special gift so that global fans can enjoy it even more. We are also preparing a variety of contents comparable to music broadcast stages, including Treasure's dance challenge, so please look forward to it."

'BOMB' is a dance genre song, and members Junkyu, Yoshi, and Haruto participated in writing and composing the lyrics. It features a dreamy lead sound and a striking string sound, and the lyrics, which cleverly depict falling in love, are highly addictive and are receiving great response from music fans.

Meanwhile, Treasure's 2nd full-length album 'REBOOT' ranked high on the iTunes album charts in major regions including Asia, South America, and Europe. The title song 'BONA BONA' ranked first in 20 countries on the iTunes Song Chart and achieved the feat of entering Billboard Global (Billboard Global Excl. US).

The album recorded 1.71 million copies, including domestic sales and exports to Asia and North America, taking the top spot in the album category of the Circle Chart and becoming a million-seller. In Japan, it topped Oricon's weekly album chart, Billboard Japan's comprehensive album chart, 'Hot Albums', and 'Top Albums Sales'.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google