SHINee Key releases teaser video for new album
SHINee Key releases teaser video for new album
SHINee's Key returns with a new song 'Good & Great' for all workers in the world.

Key's second mini-album 'Good & Great' to be released on September 11 consists of a total of 6 songs including the title song 'Good & Great' of the same name.

In particular, the title song 'Good & Great' is a pop dance song centered around the rhythmic piano, and the melody that can be easily sung along with the unique vocal combination of the key is attractive.

In addition, the lyrics written by hitmaker KENZIE (Kenji) contain Key's pride in himself and what he is doing, and the witty expressions that evoke sympathy from walkers are also noteworthy.

Also, today (29th) at 0:00 SHINee's new album teaser video 'Work Week: Tuesday', which was released through various social media, showed a smiling face at work that piled up like a mountain of heights.

Meanwhile, Key's second mini-album 'Good & Great' will be released on September 11th at 6pm on various music sites.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google