BDC releases goodbye single 'Rest' today (26th)... A comma to meet again
BDC releases goodbye single 'Rest' today (26th)... A comma to meet again
Brand New Music's 3-member boy group BDC (Kim Si-hoon, Hong Seong-jun, Yoon Jung-hwan) will release the goodbye single 'Rest' today (26th).

Starting with the release of the cover image on the 21st through official SNS channels, Brand New Music focused attention on this single by releasing a lyric spoiler and a special video teaser.

The lyric spoiler image, which was released one after another for three days from the 22nd, drew attention as it contained part of the lyrics of 'Rest' handwritten by BDC members against the background of emotional landscape photos. You who always reached out your hand', 'Thank you for being a beautiful flower and filling my side', 'Goodbye, goodbye', 'It's time to take a comma' touched the fans' hearts.

Subsequently, the special video teaser released on the afternoon of the 25th contains all the various activities that BDC members have taken over the past three years and the current state of preparing for this single, raising global fans' expectations for this 'Rest'. gathered

In particular, BDC's goodbye single 'Rest' is known as a fan song that expresses gratitude to the fandom Fine, who laughed and cried together from the debut until now, with all members participating in the lyrics and Hong Seong-joon and Kim Si-hoon participating in the composition. added more meaning.

Meanwhile, BDC's single 'Rest' will be released today at 6pm through various online music sites.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google