Group Rocket Punch to make a comeback after about a year
Group Rocket Punch to make a comeback after about a year
Group Rocket Punch (Yeonhee, Juri, Suyun, Yoonkyung, Sohee, Dahyun) is making a comeback with a new album.

The agency Woollim Entertainment released the second moving poster of Rocket Punch's third single "BOOM" on its official YouTube channel at 0:00 on the 24th.

The released moving poster video started with Yoon-kyung and Da-hyun coming out of the classroom door. Juri and Sohee, Yeonhee and Suyun join in turn at the gestures of the two as they energetically walk along the hallway, followed by the confident steps of the six-member Rocket Punch.

In the video, Rocket Punch wears a casual outfit with a checkered pattern that exudes an autumn atmosphere, fully equipped with a kitschy charm.

The moving poster, which perfectly harmonizes the bouncing and sensuous beat of the sound source presumed to be the title song, the lively tone of Rocket Punch, and the bright visuals, gives viewers a pleasant energy.

Rocket Punch, which debuted in the music industry in 2019 with the first mini album 'PINK PUNCH', drew attention as an 'all-rounder girl group' with perfect visuals, skills, and charm.

In particular, Rocket Punch appeared on Mnet's survival program 'Queendom Puzzle', which recently ended, and received a warm response for their powerful singing and performance. Leader Yeonhee was named in the final TOP7 and confirmed her debut as a global project girl group, EL7Z U+P.

Rocket Punch's comeback is about a year after their second single "FLASH" released in August last year.
Rocket Punch's third single 'Boom' will be released on September 6th at 6pm on various music sites.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia