From Lee Hyun to MIDNATT (midnat), two-color live that burnt 'Weverse Corn Festival'
From Lee Hyun to MIDNATT (midnat), two-color live that burnt 'Weverse Corn Festival'
Singer Lee Hyun presented a different live stage and colored the festival colorfully.
Lee Hyun appeared at the 2023 'Weverse Con Festival' held at Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 10th and 11th, and went back and forth between the outdoor stage and the KSPO Dome for two days, emitting contrasting musical colors.

On the first day, Lee Hyun showed off his deep sensibility as a luxury vocalist on the 'Urban Stage' prepared in the 88 Lawn Yard. He touched the hearts of the audience by weaving a medley of the hit songs of his group, 8eight, and sang popular songs such as 'The Best of Me' and 'Moon in the Sea' live, eliciting loud cheers and shouts.

As the 'No. 1 singer' of Big Hit Music, he also showed his affection by selecting music from junior groups. BTS' 'Spring Day', TXT's '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori (Emocore Mix)' was arranged and sang according to the season. The heart-touching warm voice and the sunny weather of the outdoors harmoniously harmonized to present a pleasant stage.

On the second day of the performance, he showed a different charm with his alter ego, MIDNATT.

In particular, in the tribute stage and speech prior to the MIDNATT performance, the voice of MIDNATT (Midnat), a male artist, was replaced by the voice of Uhm Jung-hwa, a tribute artist at this year's 'Weverse Corn Festival'. On the tribute stage, 'Love allowed by the sky' was embodied in the voice of 'Lee Hyeon' until the chorus, and from then on, the voice of 'Uhm Jung-hwa' with real-time voice design technology applied, providing a unique experience.

Subsequently, MIDNATT went up to the OSB stage and sang the digital single 'Masquerade' released on the 15th of last month. Appearing in smoky makeup and intense costumes that contrasted with the outdoor stage performance, he radiated wild and stylish energy to the rhythmic electric guitar and set the summer night's music festival on fire.

In this song as well, MIDNATT (Midnat) showed the voice technology that was shown on the tribute stage. When Midnat's stage, which used to sing with her original voice, became a female vocal part, a female voice came out while maintaining Midnat's singing style. In addition, using multilingual pronunciation correction technology, he sang the second verse not only in Korean, but also in six languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese, attracting attention.

MIDNATT (midnat) is the 'alternative self' of singer Lee Hyun, and is the main character of 'Project L', a collaboration between Big Hit Music and Hive IM to attempt the convergence of music and technology. Like the meaning of 'midnight' in Swedish, the end of one day and the beginning of another, the direction of awakening a new life at the moment of the boundary is melted.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google