Kim Seong-gyu, Fantastic Live at Taiwan Solo Concert... "I wish I could do another great performance"
Kim Seong-gyu, Fantastic Live at Taiwan Solo Concert... "I wish I could do another great performance"
Singer Kim Sung-gyu successfully completed his solo concert in Taiwan.

Kim Seong-gyu held a solo concert '[LV]' at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taiwan on the 11th at 7pm (hereafter local time) and met local fans.

The concert title '[LV]' is an abbreviation of 'LIKE YOUR VIBES', which has two meanings: 'I like your vibe' and 'Like your vibe'. Kim Seong-gyu, who had previously performed in Seoul with '[LV]' in February, once again presented a splendid stage in Taiwan after 4 months.

Kim Seong-gyu opened the splendid curtain of Taiwan's "[LV]" with "Climax," which was a song from the 3rd mini album released in 2020 and the ending song of "[LV]" held in April last year. Kim Seong-gyu, who sang '41 Days', 'DIVIN', and 'Shine' in succession, greeted them in the local language, saying, "Nice to meet you."

'City of Angels', 'Alive', 'Mirror', 'Fade', 'Till Sunrise', 'Sorry', '60 Seconds', 'Sentimental' Sentimental', 'Ready To Go', 'Because', 'Like a dream', 'Daydream', 'Kontrol', 'Savior' (Savior)' and other colorful set lists and fantastic live performances made global fans go crazy.

As if in response, the fans also held a surprise event to surprise Kim Seong-gyu. In 'City of Angels', cell phone lights were turned on, and on the 'Must' stage, the slogan was heard in unison, creating a unique scene where everyone in the concert hall became one.

The talk continued about the new mini-album '2023 S/S Collection' scheduled to be released on the 28th. Kim Seong-gyu, who said, "I am working hard on preparing for a comeback," received enthusiastic responses by revealing various behind-the-scenes details of Infinite's 13th anniversary anniversary live party held on the 9th.

In addition, Kim Seong-gyu presented special photo cards to all the audience members who attended the concert, presented a reverse slogan event on the 'Daydream' stage, or took a group photo with everyone, giving fans unforgettable memories with special fan service. presented

Lastly, Kim Sung-gyu, who appeared on the stage at the fans' passionate request for an encore, additionally sang 'Attraction', 'You', and 'Fog', heating up the performance until the end. It didn't end here, but it featured 'Hush' and 'My Day' with Liancore, and decorated the ending of '[LV]' splendidly.

At the end of the concert, Kim Seong-gyu, who successfully finished his solo concert '[LV]' in Taiwan, expressed his feelings, "I hope next time I can come to Taiwan again and put on a great performance." Then, he hinted at the release of the new album, "Please give lots of love to the new album to be released on the 28th, and I will let you hear the last song."

Sungkyu Kim will continue the performance of '[LV]' at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong on the 20th. In addition, at 6 pm on the 28th, the fifth mini album '2023 SS Collection' will be released through various music sites, and the title song is 'Small Talk'.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google