G-FRIEND Yerin's track list has been revealed
G-FRIEND Yerin's track list has been revealed
Singer Yerin's comeback title song has been unveiled.

Bill Entertainment released the tracklist image of Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, Love' through its official SNS account at midnight on the 9th.

The track list image, designed as an arcade game screen, shot the retro sensibility and raised expectations for Yerin's comeback. The title song 'Night Night Night' and b-side tracks were ranked along with trophies as if they were rankings in a game, stimulating the interest of viewers.

This album, which contains a multi-faceted perspective on love, includes the title song 'Bambambam', 'Rooftop (Summer Charm)', 'THE DANCE', 'Bambambam (Inst. )', four tracks that melt Yerin's charm.

Along with the track list, credits with the names of the artists who participated in the album were also revealed. The title song 'Night Night', a song about love for an unfulfilled ex-lover, drew attention by participating in the composition and lyrics by Park Seul-gi, who made a number of K-pop hits such as IZ*ONE's 'Violeta'. turn off

For the b-side song 'Rooftop', Lee Woo-min, who composed Twice's first American Billboard main chart 'Hot 100' entry songs 'The Feels (The Fields)' and 'Talk that Talk (Talk That Talk)', participated in composition and arrangement.

Lastly, 'THE DANCE' was composed by EL CAPITXN, who topped the global charts with 'That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS)' sung by Psy and Suga of BTS. participated in the arrangement.

Previously, Yerin released three comeback spoiler videos through the official YouTube channel of Bill Entertainment, including the recording scene of this new album, the choreography practice scene, and the concept photo shoot scene.

Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' will be released on the 23rd at 6pm.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google