Brave girl, voluptuous female warrior
Brave girl, voluptuous female warrior
'Summer Queen' BBGIRLS came to the fans with a 180 degree different intense visual.

On the 20th, while the concept film video was released through the official social media channels of Bvgirls (Minyoung, Yoojung, Eunji, and Yuna), the spleen appearance of the members is attracting great attention.

Bove Girl, who has shown the charm of 'summer refreshing' with 'Rollin', 'Just Driving', and 'Skirt Wind', presents a completely different atmosphere and visual through this concept film, exuding an unrivaled and intense aura beyond sexy. did.

In particular, Bvgirl drew attention with a force reminiscent of a strong female warrior. The members captivated viewers with their more mature beauty and deadly eyes, and announced a splendid comeback with venom along with confident poses.

Here, Bvgirl is adding more interest to the comeback on August 3rd, hinting at a different coolness through sophisticated styling transformation. In addition, as Bvgirl started counting down their comeback with a concept film video that added a lethal mood to their matured visuals, attention is focused on the teasing content they will show in the future.

Bove Girl, who recently signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea and foreshadowed full group activities, previously released a new profile picture, its own content, and a coming soon poster, confirming a comeback on August 3, and a different look from the previous work. She is drawing attention by showing 'Bub Girl'.

Meanwhile, Bvgirl is scheduled to make a comeback to the music industry on August 3rd.

Reporter Ryu Ye-ji and Ten Asia translated by google