Jamboree Concert D-4, possibility of BTS appearing on the rise
Controversy is the government and the organizers, the settlement is the world star BTS
Sex crimes → 99 business trips for key public servants, a sample of hasty administration
"I can't, and I shouldn't"... The violence called pressure to appear at the BTS Jamboree performance
"I can't, and I shouldn't"... The violence called pressure to appear at the BTS Jamboree performance
《Yoon Jun-ho's Kindling the Fire》

We delve into issues across the entertainment industry. Let's talk about the causes of controversy and issues, and what the voices of the entertainment industry are.

The world star BTS was caught up in the center of the 'Jamboree Crisis'. The organizers of the '25th World Scout Jamboree', which raised controversy due to hasty administration contrary to the budget of 110 billion won, mentioned BTS as a singer for a K-pop concert.

The most attention at this event was the K-pop concert to be held on the special outdoor stage in Saemangeum at 8:00 pm on the 6th. However, due to various issues, the date was changed to the 11th.

Along with the date change, what the government put forward was a 'BTS appearance card'. It is based on the judgment that it is a solution to overcome the current situation where numerous controversies are erupting. It's really absurd for BTS. In the absence of sufficient prior discussion, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-gyun said, "It has not been decided yet," as if it were being discussed. It was evaluated that the government is actually pressuring BTS to appear.

However, the popular opinion in the entertainment industry is that appearing in BTS is virtually difficult. First of all, because of the tight deadlines. There are 4 days left until the 11th based on the 7th. During this period, it is necessary not only to coordinate the schedules of BTS members, but also to plan performances and prepare performance equipment. It is difficult in itself to match the schedules of those who are currently solo or serving in the military. In particular, in the case of V, he is in the midst of preparing for the release of a solo album.

Also, even if the appearance is confirmed, the time to prepare for the stage is too short. It usually takes 3-4 days to install stage equipment. It is unknown whether the stage installation will be completed due to the typhoon. Even if you go on stage, you can't think of choreography or rehearsals. Top singers like BTS are sensitive to stage equipment and planning. It is because of the recognition that they have to show the best stage worthy of their name.

Lastly, I can think of putting only some members on stage. Jin and J-Hope are currently affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense. The government can call members with military status for the Jamboree Concert. However, the real possibility is low. Even if you are a soldier, the state does not have the right to use you as you please. It is only possible in North Korea.
"I can't, and I shouldn't"... The violence called pressure to appear at the BTS Jamboree performance
"I can't, and I shouldn't"... The violence called pressure to appear at the BTS Jamboree performance
The organizers of the Jamboree are raising controversy with thoughtless measures and plans. Minister of Culture and Sports Park Bo-kyun and North Jeolla Province Governor Kim Kwan-young announced through a press conference that the venue for the postponed concert had been changed to Jeonju World Cup Stadium. Later, when news came that the 6th Typhoon Kanun would pass through the Jamboree site, it was suddenly changed to Sangam World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 7th, and the holding was confirmed. In fact, it was because the fans protested when Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, a soccer team currently participating in the K-League, could not use their home stadium, Jeonju Stadium.

As the concert schedule is postponed, it is inevitable to change the performing artist. The artists that were initially scheduled to appear were Ive, ZeroBase One, Enmix, StayC, P1Harmony, Anthem, Verivery, Lee Chaeyeon, Nature, ATVio, and Cykers. Popular choreographer Aiki was scheduled to appear. Enmix or Verivery failed to appear on schedule due to schedule reasons. Other groups are expected to appear depending on the position of the organizers.

The Jamboree is mired in several controversies. Poor management, poor environment, and suspicion of sexual crimes caused a stir. On the 2nd, a Thai male leader, estimated to be in his 30s and 40s, entered the women's shower room at the Jamboree camp and was discovered, and about 100 witnesses reported this.
"I can't, and I shouldn't"... The violence called pressure to appear at the BTS Jamboree performance
"I can't, and I shouldn't"... The violence called pressure to appear at the BTS Jamboree performance
The sophistry of Thai male leaders was also shocking. The Thai leader who was caught at the scene said, 'I came in to shower'. The government, which neglected the situation, also caused controversy. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the Organizing Committee said it was a minor matter and did not look at the scene, such as separating the victim from the perpetrator.

Aside from this incident, the cumulative number of patients who visited the hospital for heat illness and skin lesions after the Jamboree was well over 4,400. In addition, a lack of preparation in the early stages of the maritime affairs led to an unprecedented situation in which some national delegations left early. Along with the criticism of 'international disgrace', it was found that over the past 8 years, the number of overseas business trips that officials from related organizations have visited for the purpose of visiting the Jamboree reached 99 times. Literally hasty administration.

The government mentioned the possibility of appearing in BTS amidst all the bad news. The belief that all problems will be solved as soon as BTS comes out is growing. The core of the controversy has faded, and it seems that whether or not BTS will appear is attracting attention. It is like throwing the key to the success of the event to BTS. Something that can only be seen in a wartime situation is happening. BTS shouldn't appear at the Jamboree, and it's a situation where they can't appear. Anti-forced BTS appearances can be state violence.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google