Group The Boyz is making a comeback today
Group The Boyz is making a comeback today
THE BOYZ will release their new album 'PHANTASY' Pt.1 'Christmas In August' today (7th).

The Boyz releases the title song 'LIP GLOSS' on major music sites at 6 pm on the 7th, and starts a major comeback in about 6 months.

The Boyz's 2nd regular album 'PHANTASY' Part 1 'Christmas In August', as the meaning of 'Christmas in August', is a dream-like miraculous 'imaginary' moment that cannot exist in reality. It is a fantastic album that contains emotions like a Christmas present.

In this album, which contains a total of 6 new songs, including the title song "LIP GLOSS," members Q, Sunwoo, and Eric jointly participated in this album, showing The Boyz's unique color and broadened musical spectrum.
Group The Boyz is making a comeback today
Group The Boyz is making a comeback today
'LIP GLOSS', which was chosen as the title song, is a 'summer carol song' with conceptual lyrics and a soft yet addictive melody. In this song, where you can feel The Boyz's unique energy, a line of prominent global producers who worked on representative songs of popular K-pop artists such as BTS and Le Seraphim participated.

The music video for 'Lip Gloss' is directed by Shin Hee-won, who has been loved for his unique directing skills while working with various artists such as Shinee, Seventeen, Red Velvet, and New Jeans. Is expected.

Baek Gu-young, a famous choreographer who previously collaborated with The Boyz on several occasions, participated in the choreography as general performance director.

The Boyz, who will release their 2nd regular album 'PHANTASY' Pt.1 'Christmas In August' today (7th), will hold an offline GV to commemorate the album release at 7pm on the same day and meet fans to greet them for the first time in their comeback. .

Today (7th) at 6:00 PM, you can find it on major music sites.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google