TOMORROW X TOGETHER, TODAY (28th) Disney+ Documentary Released Worldwide
TOMORROW X TOGETHER, TODAY (28th) Disney+ Documentary Released Worldwide
<TOMORROW X TOGETHER: I Lost the Weather>, which will be released simultaneously worldwide through Disney+ on the 28th at 4:00 PM, is a thrilling moment for 'TOMORROW X TOGETHER' and fans who are going on their first world tour after a long wait after the pandemic. , and a documentary special that records an unforgettable summer day that opened up new possibilities.

<Tomorrow X Together: I Lost the Weather> revealed viewing points to enjoy infinite streaming more fully.

#The first offline world tour in my life!

This documentary begins with the days when 'Tomorrow X Together' lost contact with fans around the world due to a sudden pandemic and had no choice but to devote themselves to practicing. 'Tomorrow X Together', who described these times as 'losing the season', will finally embark on their first offline world tour in the summer of 2022, which they have been dreaming of. <TOMORROW X TOGETHER: I lost the weather> will give fans special fun as it contains not only the thrilling moment when the five members set out to meet fans around the world, but also the behind-the-scenes story of the world tour.

#The world's largest music festival Lollapalooza debut!

Last summer, when they went on their first world tour, 'Tomorrow X Together' debuted at the North American festival through Lollapalooza, the world's largest music festival, and opened the door to new possibilities. Through '2022 Lollapalooza Chicago', they set a record as the first K-POP group to participate in the festival history, captivating listeners around the world with explosive energy and intense performances. "Tomorrow By Together" was invited as the first headliner of a K-POP group to the "2023 Lollapalooza Chicago," which will be held in August with unstoppable growth. Expectations are rising for <TOMORROW X TOGETHER: I Lost the Weather>, which is a record of their first step and vividly captures the hottest summer.

#TomorrowXTogether contains the unique color!

'Tomorrow by Together' established their own unique identity and established themselves as the leaders of the 4th generation K-POP group. This documentary contains the charm of the group 'Tomorrow X Together' as well as the charm of each member's character. From the editing and composition that is as fresh and bouncy as the modifier 'Gen-Z IT BOYS', to the heartfelt interviews with Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai, and the behind-the-scenes images of their natural and sincere appearances. <TOMORROW X TOGETHER: I Lost the Weather>, which contains the unique color of 'TOMORROW X TOGETHER', is scheduled to be released globally simultaneously on Disney+ at 4:00 PM on July 28 (Friday).

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google