Horizon successfully completed its first debut stage in Korea
Horizon successfully completed its first debut stage in Korea
Group Horizon (HORI7ON) has successfully completed its first stage after debuting in Korea.

Horizon received a warm response when performing the title song 'SIX7EEN' for the first time on Mnet's 'M Countdown', which aired on the afternoon of the 27th.

On this day, Horizon, who appeared wearing a checked suit, captivated viewers with their free-spirited yet disciplined choreography. Addictive and upbeat melodies and lively facial expressions were added to give viewers a sense of good energy.

In addition, Horizon's unique aspirations, which can be felt in energetic lyrics such as "I really want to run without hesitation" and "Let's go forward without fear," raised expectations for future activities.

In particular, at the time of the live broadcast of 'M Countdown', the keyword '#HORI7ONonMCountdown' ranked first on Twitter's real-time trend in the Philippines, and even after the broadcast ended, it proved its extraordinary popularity in the country.

Horizon recently released their debut regular album 'Friend-SHIP'. The title song 'SIX7EEN' is an impressive song with an addictive melody and a slap bass in the chorus, and contains Horizon's teenage energy with perfect hexagonal abilities.

Horizon, which was formed through the Korea-Philippines joint audition program 'Dream Maker', successfully finished their first debut stage in Korea and announced their global leap. Based on the K-pop culture that has established itself as a genre, they plan to take on the challenge on the world stage and become a world pop group.

Starting with the debut stage of 'M Countdown', Horizon will continue their full-fledged activities.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr