Mamamoo+, charm like lemonade
Mamamoo+, charm like lemonade
Mamamoo+ (Mamamoo Plus) released a teaser image for a new song, announcing a summer song for Mamamoo+.

Mamamoo+ (Solar, Moonbyul) posted a teaser image of the title song "dangdang" of the mini-album vol.1 "TWO RABBITS" (Two Rabbits) on their official SNS today (28th) at midnight.

In the photo, Solar and Moonbyul are wearing vividly colored outfits and posing leisurely. They showed off their different charms with glamorous leather setups and sporty casual looks. In particular, the combination of blue, which feels refreshing in midsummer, and yellow, which contains Mamamoo+'s lively energy, stands out.

Mamamoo+'s 1st mini-album 'TWO RABBITS' is an album that contains the determination to catch the 'two rabbits' needs of the public and fans. Mamamoo+ presents a limitless musical transformation with a bright and lovely charm like a rabbit. In particular, for the title song 'dangdang', the two members directly participate in the lyrics and composition, predicting a refreshing summer song from Mamamoo+.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo+ will release their 1st mini album 'TWO RABBITS' at 6 pm on the 3rd of next month.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia
translated by google