Yerin, 2nd mini album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' scheduler released
Yerin, 2nd mini album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' scheduler released
Singer Yerin has started a full-fledged comeback countdown.

On the 27th, at 0:00, Vill Entertainment released a promotional scheduler image for Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, Love' through its official SNS account, making a full-fledged comeback after about a year.

First of all, the scheduler image reminiscent of the quest board of a game on a track with skates neatly placed attracted attention. Below Yerin's comeback promotion schedule, organized in order, is “CLEAR! OR OVER?” stimulates Yerin’s desire to challenge this comeback promotion quest.

Starting with the concept photo on August 1, Yerin's colorful teasing contents such as album detail preview, track list, highlight medley, music video teaser, challenge preview, etc. is also growing

Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' is a new release after about a year from Yerin, who made a successful solo debut with her first mini-album 'ARIA' in May last year. With the release of the scheduler, Yerin, who has entered the comeback preparation stage, is drawing public attention to the new music and concept that Yerin, who joined the comeback battle this summer, will show.

Meanwhile, Yerin's second mini-album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' will be released on August 23rd at 6pm.

Reporter Ryu Ye-ji and Ten Asia translated by google