'NIGHT FISHING' starring Son Seok-gu was officially invited to the Fantasia International Film Festival.
'NIGHT FISHING' starring Son Seok-gu was officially invited to the Fantasia International Film Festival.
The movie 'NIGHT FISHING' was officially invited to the International Short Film Competition section of the 28th Fantasia International Film Festival.

'NIGHT FISHING' is a humanistic thriller about a mysterious incident that takes place at an electric vehicle charging station in the dark of night. 'NIGHT FISHING' was officially invited to the international short film competition section at the 28th Fantasia International Film Festival held from July 18 to August 4, local time, in Montreal, Canada.

The Fantasia International Film Festival is the largest genre film festival in North America, with many North American distributors and buyers visiting to find new genre films, and is held for a longer period than the typical three-week film festival. Audience response to genre film screenings has been consistently high, and since 2012, it has been operating co-productions and general markets under the name 'The Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous'. It is one of the international film festivals that introduces and promotes Asian genre films to increase preference for Asian films.

The Fantasia International Film Festival, which has a special affection for Korean films, has invited many Korean films. For two consecutive years, the 'Crime City' series won the Asian Feature Gold Award at this film festival. In 2023, the short film 'Shoulder' won the Silver Award for Best Asian Short Film, and 'Architect A' won the Silver Award for Best Short Film at the Satoshi Kon Award.

Programmer Nicolas Ashemboldt, representing the film festival, said, "This is a work that combines actor Seok-gu Son's overwhelming action performance, Cannes Film Festival award-winning director Byeong-gon Moon's creative direction, and impressive production values. It is expected to develop and expand into a feature-length film. “I wanted to introduce this attractive world view to movie fans around the world,” he said about the invitation.

'NIGHT FISHING' is a work that has completed a unique cinematic perspective by capturing the perspectives of seven car cameras in order to take on the unique subject of a mysterious incident that a man experiences at an electric car charging station, as well as a fresh attempt not seen in existing films. You can also check out Son Seok-gu's one-man action as he struggles to catch something. Director Moon Byeong-gon, who won the Palme d'Or in the Cannes Film Festival's short film competition category for the first time in Korea with 'Safe' (2013), participated as director, and filming was done by Cho Hyung-rae of 'Bad Boys' World' (2017) and 'Concrete Utopia' (2023). A cinematographer filmed the story and captured the story in a short running time of 12 minutes and 59 seconds.

'NIGHT FISHING' can be seen at CGV for two weeks, from June 14th to 16th and 21st to 23rd.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google