Suzy▼Park Bo-gum, heartwarming couple photo revealed
Suzy▼Park Bo-gum, heartwarming couple photo revealed
Actress Suzy released a black and white photo taken with Park Bo-gum.

On the morning of the 5th, Suzy posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "Commemorating the release of the movie Wonderland. Taeju Jeongin. See you at the theater."

The monotone photo he posted shows the smiling faces of Suzy and Park Bo-gum. Netizens who saw the photo said, "It's finally releasing today. I'm so looking forward to it," "Please release more couple photos. One photo isn't enough," "The chemistry is amazing, like a real couple," and "This photo is in black and white. It's new." etc. comments were made.

The two worked together in the movie 'Wonderland'. 'Wonderland' is a story about reuniting with a loved one through Wonderland, a video call service that restores dead people with artificial intelligence. Director Kim Tae-yong took charge of directing. In addition to Suzy and Park Bo-gum, expectations are high as Tang Wei, Jung Yu-mi, and Choi Woo-sik appear.

The movie ‘Wonderland’ opens today (5th).

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google